Pastor's Update

Hi Parkway -- 


I recently listened to a successful screen writer talk about something he learned over years of writing stories, movies, and episodes. He said every story has its big moments -- things that both construct the story and move it along. The difference between stories that never get off the ground and the stories that draw us is not that one has better big moments than the other -- what matters is what connects them.


In his words, stories that fall flat are often just a series of happenings more or less connected by 'and then this happens.' 


Good stories, stories that draw us in are connected from start to finish with language of purpose, effect, and stakes: 

This happened, therefore that happened. 

This should happen, but it never came to be.


I keep coming back to this simple yet deep thought -- partly because often churches can seem to be a collection of 'and then this is happening,' and 'now this is coming up.' 


And in a world where we are already stretched thin from work and family, a church of 'and this is happening,' can be just one more thing in a busy world rather than something that stands in contrast to a world that always demands more.


As the church continues to change, and as the place of church in our society and culture continues to change, I believe one of the ways we can meet this moment on solid footing will be in the ways we seek to be a church connected from start to finish with clear purpose.


Most weeks we close worship by saying our mission statement -- that in all things our purpose is to demonstrate God's grace to inspire a lifelong journey with Jesus. 


Perhaps another way of stating our purpose is we seek to, with love and grace, give people what they need to take the next step of their journey. Take a look at some of what's coming up below, and see where you might find what you need to take the next step of your journey.


Charge Conference Success

This past Thursday, we held our annual Charge Conference -- a once-a-year business meeting held in all UMC churches. We lifted up new leaders to our Parkway Board and Committee on Leadership Nominations.


The following people will begin a 3-year term on the Parkway Board beginning January 1, 2024:

Brian Joiner

Rosemary Maloney

Ed Behrens

Taylor Landin


The following people will begin terms of varying lengths on the Committee on Nominations on January 1, 2024:


Erin Williamson - 1 Year

Chris Ingersoll - 2 Years

Valerie Throgmorton - 3 Years

Chris Baethge - 3 Years

Dave Angle - 3 Years 


Finally -- In addition to other reports, we also received a financial report of where Parkway stands roughly seven months into our fiscal year. 


Through the month of August, Parkway has taken in roughly $77,000 more than we budgeted AND spent roughly $57,500 less than budget. This means we are beating budget by roughly $135,000. Parkway staff and leadership have worked hard to put the church on solid financial ground and continue to work to build out long-term stability and health.


Thank you for the ways you have helped us to be financially healthy. This financial health enables us to push forward with new initiatives that help us to carry out our purpose: Demonstrating God's grace and giving people what they need on their journey of faith. Watch for forthcoming updates about the Watershed counseling center at Parkway, among other projects of purpose!


Children and Student Ministry Listening Session THIS Sunday

CLICK HERE to sign up.

This Sunday after the 10.30 service myself, Pastor Kat, and Becky Betz will host a Listening Session for parents of children and students. Students are also invited and welcome to be a part. This will be a time to hear from you about these important ministries of our church as we evaluate methods and purpose, as well as plot a course into the future. Please RSVP so we can make sure there is enough lunch for everyone. Childcare provided.

MidWeek is Back this Wednesday (October 18th)

After two weeks off, MidWeek is back! Gather in the Ministry Center at 6.00pm for a light dinner of salad, sandwiches, etc. and then classes for children, students, and adults from 6.30 - 7.30pm. Come connect into the Parkway community and join into discussions and topics that will help fuel your faith journey.


Taking it to The Streets - Postponed Until Spring

We are pushing our annual Community Service Sunday to the Spring while we search for projects and ways to best serve the community. If you have leads on half-day projects, mission projects, or ways to serve, please reach out to Vince Cordova at or me at


Announcing Christmas UM Army

Mark your calendars now for all students who've finished 8th - 12th grade -- Christmas UM Army will be December 27th 2023 - January 1st 2024 at St. Paul's UMC in Houston. This is a great chance to help, serve, and love the people who most need our help with home repairs. If you're interested or have questions, please talk to Pastor Kat, register HERE or take a look at the UM Army.


Announcing the 2024 Women's Ministry Retreat

This Sunday in worship we will unveil more details about the upcoming women's ministry retreat, to be held January 19th - 21st, 2024. Watch for location and registration information soon!

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