The Next Step
Public funds
pay for coaches
to roam the halls
pressuring students
to risk their bodies and brains
in the name of school spirit.

“I work my butt off
to walk around those halls
and get kids engaged,”
Coach Leonard said.
“I know
what I’m teaching kids
is the right thing."
Many don't see the urgency .
or the need for intervention.
Collision sports are in decline, we're told.

Yet football is still
the most popular
(and most violent)
school sport
by far.

And competitive disparity  
is as bad 
as it has ever been.

This means more injuries,

In addition to
the hundreds of thousands
of state-sponsored
brain injuries
which go unnoticed
every year!

The professional sports franchises
who use our public schools
as a feeder system
well-organized , well-funded,
and completely focused
on their mission.

It's time to balance
the scales.
Hand-to-hand activism is
the most effective way
to change minds!

Please take the next step
and donate today.
501(c)(3) funds will be used
...hire and train activists.
...lobby school administrators.
...end publicly funded violence
in our schools.

Should Not Be
Coalition for Concussion-Free Schools