As the summer nears an end, we are reminded of the original drive and passion that created The Couchiching Conservancy in 1993 - to protect the natural places in our region from disappearing forever. Today, we need your help. By signing the 17% pledge, you can add your name to hundreds of nature lovers who want to see more land, more birds, more critters and others safeguarded. 
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The Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve outside of Washago
Photo taken by Tanya Clark 
Take the 17% Pledge

As a part of a Global mission to secure Earth's biodiversity, Canada has committed to having 17% of land and inland water protected by 2020. Because Canada has 10% of the world's forest, 25% of the world's wetlands, and 20% of the world's fresh water, achieving this goal will be influential across local and global scales.

With only four years left to reach the target, Ontario has just 12.4% conserved in the Great Lakes region, and most of that is concentrated in the north.

The Couchiching Conservancy has been able to help bring more than 12,000 acres under protection in this region in the last decade, and has contributed almost half of the protected land in this region.

If you believe that land trusts such as The Couchiching Conservancy play a vital role in helping Ontario meet its 17% conservation commitment by 2020 and support the Conservancy's vision of a prosperous, healthy region laced with clean lakes and beautiful, interconnected natural spaces, please take a minute to sign the 17% pledge.

Over 500 people have already signed the pledge and shown their support! Help us reach our goal of 2,000 people.

(if you've already signed, thanks!)
Barn Swallows: Gone in 24 hours
By Mark Bisset

When I was a kid swallows used to warn us of a big change in the weather.

According to the lore, high-flying swallows meant nice weather, but when they settled down low, a storm was on its way. They would crowd onto power lines in long rows that seemed likely to part the wire with their collective weight.

There were so many. (Read More)
Mr. Wm Grant
Mr. William Grant, who donated Grant's Woods to the Conservancy
Hope to see you Sept 8th!

The construction and renovation of the office is complete, and we are now accessible, greener and more efficient. Drop in on Thursday, September 8, 2016 between 3pm - 7pm to take a look around and walk the woods. The ribbon cutting will take place at 6pm. Parking is available at ODAS Park, with a quick shuttle to our location. Details here. 

This work has been made possible from a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and a bequest from Bill Grant (pictured), who donated the Grant's Woods property and house to the Conservancy in 2002.

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