November 2018

GPB Education will be live streaming from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) concert hall in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 13, 2018, from 10-11 am. This live virtual field trip will offer students a behind-the-scenes experience as they learn about the science of sound and the preparation of putting on a musical performance. Students will also hear from various musicians with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 

This event includes live interactive elements, such as polls and experts who are available to answer students' questions. Use the hashtag #SymphonyLive to participate in the conversation. Go to to learn more. 

Things Explained, a new digital series from GPB Education, launched its own YouTube channel and the first two featured episodes on local elections. Using kid-friendly language and colorful graphics, these episodes highlight the importance of midterm elections and why the Georgia governor race is such a big deal. Teacher resources such as discussion questions and vocabulary are included in each episode of Things Explained. 

Click here to subscribe to the Things Explained YouTube channel, or watch on PBS LearningMedia here
Lights, Camera, Budget! is an online game designed to help middle and high school students learn, study, and review financial literacy topics while also practicing their budgeting skills. In the game, students are positioned as movie producers who have been given $100 million to produce a movie. To get the movie produced, they must prove they have good personal finance skills to keep their budget on track.

The first 5 teachers who tweet us a 5-star movie poster will get some GPB Education swag! Tag @GPBEducation on twitter with a screenshot of your poster.

For the first time,  The EngineerGirl writing contest is asking students to submit works of creative fiction. 

Stories should be about about women and girls saving the day with their wits, skill, and whatever resources they can find to solve the problem. Maybe they are working alone, maybe they are part of an elite team. Maybe they just find themselves in an unusual situation that requires some innovative thinking.

Stories should inspire EngineerGirl readers to think, "I want to be able to do that" or "I can do that."

Students should enter the contest by February 2, 2019. Click here to learn more.
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