TakeCHARGE Update

This update brought to you by Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy will focus on the TakeCHARGE Campaign: 5 Steps for Safer Healthcare.

Though the official campaign is over at the end of August with all 5 Steps covered, we will continue to bring you suggestions, studies and ways others have completed the 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare. Has it worked for you?

Ambassadors have been trained to assist and support their friends, famili and communities in completing the 5 Steps, and we will hear from them too on how that has been helpful. Another virtual training is planned for September so look for these updates to get more information!

Help spread the word that the 5 Steps for Safer Healthcare can help all of us (whether you work in health care or not) be more prepared as patients, and support our loved ones.

If you have taken the training, or are a sponsor, consider sharing your stories and your experiences of the 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare.

Send information to [email protected].

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T akeCHARGE: How Turning 18 Changed My Healthcare Forever
A college student describes how the TakeCHARGE 5 Steps program helped her when she turned 18 and healthcare changed for her forever.

When I turned 18, I was looking forward to moving away for college, being able to vote, and maybe purchasing a lottery ticket one day or getting a tattoo. What I didn’t know was I was walking into so much more. For all that I gained with becoming a legal adult. I lost some things too, specifically when it came to my healthcare. In fact, turning 18 changed my healthcare forever . Read the full article here

To see this article on the TakeCHARGE Website without ads visit www.TakeCHARGE.care or go directly to Turning 18
Next TakeCHARGE Ambassador Training September 2020
Stay tuned for more information!
Understanding Ventilators
Who will speak for your when you can't speak for yourself? Step # 1 of the TakeCHARGE Campaign

Watch a short video explaining ventilators here
P atient A ctivation through C ommunity C onversations
Come join the Pulse PACC
Just in Time, Now That We All May Become Patients!
Friday, July 10th, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern NY Time
This program is through Zoom - Camera and microphone required
P atient A ctivation through C ommunity C onversations (PACC) is a program where people share their experiences so others can take away important information that would be of benefit to someone as a caregiver, someone recently receiving a new diagnosis or entering the healthcare system. PACC encourages finding solutions through what has worked for others. Learn more and register here
People for Patient Safety (PPS )
Monday, July 13, 7:00 PM Eastern NY Time

Ed Pollak, MD, Medical Director and Patient Safety Officer, The Joint Commission

Read Dr. Pollak's Recent Story Here:
Being on the front lines during the pandemic in New York City was an experience like no other.

“Among the many things that really impacted me was the fact that because there were no families there in person, they would ask us to be sure that we provided the support that the family couldn't. Read more here


Mark your calendar for July 13 th People for Patient Safety
Dr. Pollak will be speaking about
Help Prevent Infections,
Ask Caregivers to Wash Their Hand
Learn more and register here:
Pulse PPS   
No matter where you are, we can all benefit from the information offered by New York State Wide Senior Action Council, Inc. Telephone Teach-Ins

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