After five young lives were tragically lost during Halloween night at an "Airbnb Mansion Party," the SF Chronicle asked us who will pay for the horror wreaked in the property and we chimed in.

Given the gravity of the situation, we felt obligated to cover the tragic events more in-depth in our latest blog .

This is a very serious issue. Owners should pause and take a hard look at the risks that are attendant to short-term rentals because although Airbnb swiftly reacted by engaging in “damage control” and vowed to clean house of bad actors, technology is no substitute for human judgment.

On a less grim note, the maximum allowable rent charged to a manager who is required to live on site as a condition of employment will increase in 2020. Ditto for the maximum amount of discounted rent that may be credited to the wages owed to the manager. Since hiring, compensating and terminating resident managers is tricky, we asked an exceedingly capable friend and colleague to break it down here .

Finally, we are almost ready to make the announcement that our firm can assist you or your clients in preparing a master lease that is compliant with the many moving parts of state law.

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In the aftermath of a short-term rental arrangement that went horribly wrong, who is to blame, and what can we learn?
Small Errors Carry Big Risks

Buildings with 16 or more units require a "responsible person" to reside on the premises to serve as a manager. Our guest, employment attorney Margaret Grover, explains that this forges an employer-employee relationship with a complicated set of rules that must be followed to the letter.
Preparing you for a new era of statewide rent caps and eviction controls

Our team is working fervently on a master lease that anticipates the changes the New Year will usher in for landlords throughout California. We've studied AB 1482 and how local ordinances relate to the sweeping legislation. We'll have this off the press sometime in November - stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some considerations.

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