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Coming In August...... Slow Jam


Come share your sacred movement energy
 with the universe
and let this hallowed energy of life
flow through your veins........

Coming in August -  Monday evenings!!


circle feet

Slow Jam
Mondays of August 7 - 8:15 PM
in the Yurt
Class size limited so register early!
Healing Waters Yoga Center

Slow Jam will use mellow, lush music,
gesture, simple dance, chant and sound
to create dances of peace and prayer.
In the heat of a summer evening it is the perfect gift of body and soul to merge with nature and the elements . Move gracefully into contentment, peace
and open into your quiet spaces.
 A chance to chill and jive in a groove of simplicity!
Without question,
this is the medicine 
 our earth needs! ~ Wild Woman

Healing Waters Yoga Center
Monday Evenings August 6 - 27
7 - 8:15 PM
Registration Required

call Emmy 648 0160 for questions or more info.

The Women's Empowerment Retreat
at Lotus Abode
Sept 7 - 9
is now FULL.
I will accept names for a waiting list.
Contact Emmy if interested
There are already 12 women pre-registered but for this gathering, but I will accept 15 because there seems to be much interest.-  so YES you can still call and register !
fire dancer

Wild Women's Gathering
Wednesday August 8th
7 - ?

Emmy Wild Woman Home Studio
Wisdom Talking Stick Circle
Presentation and discussion on self nurturing as we ascend and transform into the new energy, breaking old patterns and recognizing new! Developing awareness of some surprisingly simple and beneficial ways we can strengthen and nurture our feminine being
to enable ourselves to grow and blossom!!
Come for the comradeship, delicious healthy snack,
support one another and to share your own wisdom!

Call or e-mail
648 0160


Our Dance On the Wild Side subscriber membership
 continues to grow every week!

If you would like to advertise your class offerings, workshops    or events with us please contact Emmy at                                 
or call 648 0160 

The charge is a small fee of $10 - $20 depending on the amount of space, links /pics / logo required.

I will also barter for services!
Such an Enchanted Evening
at the home of Rev Leeba Gale!






solstice 10

There's just something about dancing
in the presence of wise women - who get it,
 who know how to roll with it
and understand soul and spirit and energy
and the power from within.
They come without self consciousness
 and dance with abandon -
exploring possibilities,
allowing transformation,
 and celebrating all aspects of who we are!
If this kind of power ruled the world....
~Wild Woman

Many thanks to dear Leeba who shared her home space with her beautiful sacred labyrinth, and captured the joy and spirit of the evening with her photography..... She took over 60 pictures! If you would like to view or purchase any pictures please contact Leeba at