Taking Charge of Our Health
Workarounds for These Times
Birth is messy and it can be painful! We are giving birth to a new human presence on Planet Earth. Within this current portal we get to consciously clarify our values and Dream In our most optimistic version of a Bright Future. Earth is insisting that it be founded in nature, balance and harmony. Breathe and align with Earth and Source through your body. Tend to your vertical alignment and our sacred interconnection to All of Life.
That's what real.
Receive inspiration, rest, go inside yourself, find what is true within. Act from there.
It is time for each of us to honor our unique role, even
if we have no idea what that is.
Authenticity, pleasure, courage and connection are natural to being a human.
With the public's immediate concern about CV - here are some recommendations for bolstering immunity and below* some big gun remedies should you or a loved one contract this or any other virus. In perspective, free of fear, let's remember, the common cold and flus are still part of life. Even with serious illness or CV, there are ways to return to health.

TO MAINTAIN EXCELLENT IMMUNITY * (Adult dosages): Vitamin C (2,000-3,000 mg/day, to bowel tolerance if you are sick); zinc (20-50 mg/day); Vit D3 (5,000 IU/day); Vitamin A (dry ) (10,000 IU/day); Probiotic (1/day). At first sign of any bug (i.e. initial sore throat, fatigue) take Echinacea which can often knock a bug out from the start.

IF YOU HAVE A STRESS COMPONENT : (Who doesn't right now?) L-Proline 500 mg/day (an amino acid needed to make collagen, for joints, structure, bones, skin, muscle). Stress hormones (also external steroids) block the body's natural production of proline which can undermine your bones, teeth, structure. Supplementation works when you're under stress. Vitamin B-5 (aka Panothetic Acid ) is also good to support your adrenals

  • Down-regulate your exposure to news sources that amplify fear. Find reliable sources (use your own intuition, gut, muscle testing to discern what feels helpful and true).

  • Stay with your body and in your heart as much as possible - we're retraining ourselves to be sovereign, in our own authority and in good health.

  • Honor your emotions and let them flow. Any kind of movement helps. Whatever has not been processed is coming up now to be owned, honored as important data, and liberated. Nothing to figure out with emotions. Experience them as sensation in the body and surrender them with compassion. We are not automatons nor should we be.

  • Be with the natural world, plants, nature, animals and our unseen friends.

  • Enjoy quiet time, music, walking, dreaming, contemplation, meditation, visioning, doing no thing.

  • Get Creative. Sing, dance, write, draw cook, garden. Create a collage of the future you want to anchor in.

  • Eat good organic foods, avoid commercial foods which tend to contain additives, sugar, hormones and antibiotics which burden the body and undermine the natural immunity (and neurotransmitters!) created in the micro-biome of our gut.

  • Note: A well applied bag of organic potato chips or organic ice cream is okay! This is not about rule following or deprivation. It's about heath. Just keep it organic.

*Links provided are to Amazon to specify good products and for ease of purchase. Feel free to acquire locally through your favorite health food store/supplement vendor.

Greetings! ,

Vibrant health is our birthright. Once upon a time quality food, pure air, clean water, and home remedies that bolstered our natural immunity were commonplace. We took them for granted!

May we re-create these conditions, globally. >^..^<

Meanwhile, in modern, western culture, let's just say, times have changed. You may be on top of your health, have resources, practitioners, and personally know how best to stay healthy even while facing challenges. For those who could benefit from some healthcare suggestions - here's my list of "go-to" remedies, practices, and workarounds to keep you in the pink!

Every single one of us is being worked by current global events and influxes of energy. Please be kind with yourself, trust your process, reach out to trusted others, and allow awareness of The Greater Orchestration.

Personally and collectively we are recognizing and shedding millennia of social programming and conditioning. We've got a job to do, which is TO GET FREE ON THE INSIDE. That's how we reset to our actual nature ~ being the Love that We Are ~ unique, creative, collaborative, multidimensional, heart and soul alive. We can be joyously, magically, co-creatively in service to a world that works for everyone, in seamless harmony with a thriving natural world.

That's why we've come.

We are here now to FLIP the facsimile world back into its sacred, nature-based alignment. Remember...?

Hangin' with my Peeps!

Blessings and Be well!
Love, Sarah

The No Shit Essentials

  • Pure Water
  • Organic Food
  • WiFi/Cellphone/'Smart Meter' and 5G Energetic Field Protection
  • Basic Immune Support
  • Detoxifiers
  • Pathogen/Parasite* Remedies
  • Fungus/Mold Remedies
  • Exercise for Physical well being and Emotional Flow
  • Friends, community, nature, beauty, fun, downtime.

*Should you need a recommendation for a parasite remedy, email me .

No plastic bottles, waste water or fancy hook-up. Filters out VOCs, pathogens, toxins and fluoride/ must buy fluoride filters separately . I am an affiliate, that's how much I believe in this product.
Depending on size,
$250 and up.
* North American Herb and Spice OREGONAL
(oil of oregano)
This is a big gun against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens should you need it.
60 or 120 gelcaps
Detoxifies exposures (heavy metals / pathogens, etc.) from aerial spraying
(aka geoengineering)
Protects from cell phone radiation (especially if you use your phone around babies, pets and small children).
BioGeometry L-90 PENDANT
Protect body and field from 5G , WiFi, Smart Meters, high voltage and energetic intrusion. Recommended for children and pets as well. $22-40
(FYI: Aqua Aura, Bloodstone and Snowy Quartz gemstones also test well for 5G/WiFi protection)
Eliminates fungus and molds from your system. 3 drops in 1 oz. water daily. (If you have toenail fungus, it is likely to be systemic. Get rid of it.)
These recommendations do not constitute treatment, nor are they medical or diagnostic in nature. This information is not a substitute for qualified medical, or therapeutic care, although it can work in a complementary fashion with these disciplines.