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Taking Ownership of Her Faith
by John Cooper
Pictured above is Amanda Walters.

We all want our children to "own" their Catholic faith. It saddens us when we see our family members fall away from the faith because they never made it their own. That's why I was so inspired when I read this past Tuesday's Lenten Reflection from the Pews by parishioner Amanda Walters.

Since not all of you are receiving the daily reflections, I wanted to make sure that you read Amanda's honest reflection of her journey to adult faith. We are very fortunate that Amanda chose St. Anthony's as her faith family. Here's her reflection...

 I’ve always been Catholic, it was how I was raised. Not until recently have I truly felt like it was my choice. Growing up I went through the sacraments because of my parents. I feel like my first decision in the church was when it came time to be married. I grew up in Illinois, but lived in Iowa and wanted to find a church that made me feel comfortable. I am so lucky to have found St. Anthony’s, because it has helped me grow in my faith and truly be a part of something important.

The reason for this story is part of my reflection. One of the readings for March 12th is Isaiah 55:10-11. My mom and dad did everything they could to help me understand the importance of the Catholic Church. They were great examples no matter what was done to question their faith. The reading explained that the rain and snow would not return until it had accomplished what was desired. My parents did everything they could to make me a good Catholic, and then sent me into the world. It was my choice to come back to church and my choice to become a part of St. Anthony’s community. I have now realized that with my accomplishments you will find my parents’ accomplishments.

As for Matthew 6:7-15, this reading reminds me of that time when I was “away” from the church. At no point did I stop praying. It didn’t matter what was happening, my parents taught me to talk to God and I have always done that. It never mattered the situation, but I always knew that I could say a rosary and God would help me in any way that He could. I think that is the key point of this reading. My favorite part is when it says, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” It isn’t about what you say, it’s about praying, because He already knows. 

If you would like to receive the daily Lenten Reflections from the Pews, email me or visit our parish website where all the reflections are posted.
Winners of an Irish Dinner at the Flaherty's, Sit Down to a Feast
Pictured above are former parishioners Kristi and Steve Reyes who were back in town last weekend to enjoy the Irish dinner they purchased at last fall's Gala Silent Auction. In the background you can see chef Patti Flaherty assisted by Jackie Peters. Dennis was the photographer.
Rite of Election for Those Entering the Church at Easter
Every year throughout the world, those who are becoming Catholic at Easter participate in the Rite of Election on the first Sunday of Lent. Each candidate is introduced to the the bishop. Pictured above Bishop Zinkula greets new comers to the faith.
Not all of our St. Anthony's candidates who will be entering the Church at Easter were able to travel to St. Patrick's Church in Iowa City for the Rite of Election. Pictured above are candidates, sponsors, and RCIA team members who were able to attend.
Enjoy Soup and Chick-fil-A Sandwiches
at this Week's Lenten Program
The Power and Grace of the Seven Sacraments

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A picture from our successful cinnamon roll sale last weekend. Many thanks to Bill and Mary Sue Lucas, Tina Wagschal, and Al Gahagan who baked the almost 500 rolls on Saturday. Pictured above are students Diego and Isabell Martinez who sold the tasty rolls at the doors of church. Their mom Bobbie is letting little brother Lucas enjoy a roll! Diego and Isabell will be joining several other high school students in our parish for the National Catholic Youth Conference this November in Indianapolis. Thank you for supporting our fundraisers which are helping with the cost of this trip.
Cleaning, Maintenance, and Landscaping
On Saturday, March 23 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., we will have a church work day. We need help cleaning, doing minor maintenance repairs, and landscaping prep for spring. Our church home is our most important home. Please consider volunteering an hour, two, or three to making it look beautiful.  Email, if you can help or just show up that morning!
McAnthony Window Patron Needs Some Help

Judy, one of our elderly McAnthony Window patrons needs some help. She lives in an apartment very close to St. Anthony's. Her bathroom needs new tile flooring. We have the tile squares to put down, but we need someone to install. We're looking for a parishioner who can help Judy with this project. Please email , if you can help.