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Like a dusty mirror that has been stored away in a garage, years of neglect accumulate layers of grime.  It takes time and effort to wipe clean and polish, before we can once again see a reflection clearly. 
Our modern world is full of mind numbing distractions.  We seem to lo ok everywhere but within ourselves for our happiness and our self-realization.  

If we are n ot careful, we loose sight of the beautiful unique soul we truly are; defining ourselves instead  by the identity others give us.  Our self-image can become distorted by years of neglect, past experiences, self-destructive behaviors and toxic encounters.
Yoga & meditation become tools for rediscovering ourselves and polishing our lens of understanding, changing not just how we see ourselves, but how we see the world.  We use the body to strengthen the mind.  

When we take ownership of our mental attitude we liberate ourselves.  We accept that any battle we are going through is not fueled by the words or actions of others; it is fueled by the mind and the importance we give a situation.
Take time this week to reconnect with yourself on the mat.  Use the discipline of your yoga & meditation practice to remove layers of distortions from your knowledge of self.  While yoga is not a "quick fix," it is a long lasting and rewarding one.

See you on the mat!
David  Scott Yglesias
David Scott Yglesias (Founder, E-RYT)
(305) 562-7051
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Thai Yoga w/ Acro and Partner Yoga 
w/ David Yglesias Sat March 26th, 5:30-7pm.

Happiness & Meditation Workshop
(En  EspaƱol)
w/ Alessa Cavaliere, Sunday April 3rd @ 2pm.

Energy Yoga Mindfulness Retreat @ Kashi 
w/ David Yglesias - Friday June 10th to Sunday June 12th)

Yoga Day @ Marlin's Stadium (Yoga on the field) 
w/ David Yglesias - Sunday July 10th - 1pm Marlins vs Reds

Fall 200 Hour Teacher Training 
w/ David Yglesias, (Early Sign Up Savings of $650) - Term begins Saturday August 13th - 1pm

New - "Drop In Membership" Instead of paying $18 for a single drop in class, you pay $9.95 a month (auto bill pay only)  and only $5 per class, up to 5 classes per month.



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It is VERY helpful to preregister for classes.  Once registered for a class, the application will automatically sign you into class when your enter Energy Yoga.  This amazing application will allow you to fully manage your account: book a yoga class, massage, acupuncture, reiki or private class.  Your can easily cancel or change a reservation from your phone.

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