Love God
  • Tell the story of the parable in Matthew 25:14-30.       
  • Why does God want us to share our talents, our treasure and our time? 
  • Why do you think God values risk-taking? 
  • Verse of the week: "Everyone who has something will be given more, and they will have more than enough." Matthew 25:29 CEV
  • Pray:  Dear God, thank you for giving me gifts.  Help me to see my talents, to grow my talents and to share my talents.  In Jesus' name, amen. 
Love People  
  • What's the best gift you've ever received?
  • What's the best gift you've ever given? 
  • What are you really good at?  
  • What do you wish you could be really good at?  
  • How can you use your talents to make a difference in the world?   
Serve the World
  • One way to begin to understand what Jesus is talking about is to find out what it's like to share your gifts with others.  There is a need among the low-income families at Paris Elementary School in Aurora for 90 Thanksgiving baskets so that all may celebrate the holiday.  Last year GGCC gave 46 baskets, so this is a big jump!  Consider how your family might help to bless others with the gift of a basket.  Consider inviting friends, neighbors and extended family to join you.  
  • Click here to sign up, get the list and learn more.   
  • Or, go hang out with the kids at Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives on Wednesday evening.  All ages welcome.  Click here for details.  
Devotional Note for Parents  

We try to teach our children to share and take risks.   But do we model that behavior?  It can be easy, after hearing and seeing up to 3,700 advertising images a day, to just be a consumer.  Getting more and giving less.  Playing it safe and not risking failure.  Not letting others know what we can do and what we have, because they might ask us to share our gifts.   


Jesus invites us to risk failure, to get out there and use everything God has given us: our talents, our treasure and our time to join God in the transformation of the world.  Sound scary?  Maybe.  But the Good News is that this God who asks us to step out in faith is there ready to catch us, ready to love us, ready to forgive us, ready to help us learn from our mistakes.  After all, it's not what we do that gives us value; it's who loves us that gives us value!   

Sunday to Home
Connecting Worship, Children's Church and Home

November 13, 2011

Worship Theme

Parable of the Talents

Faith @ Home

God wants us to use our talents 


Bible Story 
Matthew 25:14-30

Bible Background

 Jesus tells a parable about a rich man who goes away and entrusts his property and wealth with three servants. 

Each servant gets a different amount to take care of.  Two of the servants went out and invested what they had received and doubled the amount.  The third buried his treasure to keep it "safe."

When the man returned he was pleased with the first two servants and entrusted them with more and grew his relationship with them.  But, he was angry with the servant who had buried his gift and sent him away.

Jesus' teaching was to help us understand that God works differently than culture - we are expected to use our gifts and talents, our financial resources and our time; taking risks and putting ourselves out there.  We can trust that even if we make mistakes, God's grace will be there for us. 

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Coming Up

Sunday, November 20:
  We will celebrate Thanksgiving in our worship.  Pastor Dave will teach on the topic, "Giving Thanks for an Awe-Full God!"   And Children's Church will focus on the same theme.  

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