Love God
  • Read the story of Joseph and the way he learned about Jesus in Matthew 1:18-24.  
  • Why do you think God chose Joseph to be Jesus' father?    
  • How did Joseph know Mary was telling the truth?  
  • Verse of the week: "They shall name him Emmanuel, which means, "God is with us." Matthew 1:23 
  • Pray: Thank you God for Joseph, who did what you wanted him to do. Help us to do what you want us to do.  In Jesus' name, amen. 
Love People  
  • Can you tell about a time you thought someone had lied to you?  How did you feel?  
  • What is one skill you are really good at?  How did you get to be good at it?  Do you enjoy it?  Why or why not? 
  • What hobby would you like to learn?  How could you do it?

Links to some books to explore Joseph's story in different ways.  Click on the book title for the link.

Fear Not Joseph!: A Story of Christmas by Julie Stiegemeyer  Little is said about Joseph, this book attempts to tell the story of the man who was not afraid to do what God asked.

Father and Son: A Nativity Story by Geraldine McCaughrean This quiet picture book images Joseph's fears and thoughts about being the adopted father of Jesus.  

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson This story was one of my sons' favorite, we even saw it performed in a theater.  The feelings of the characters are not unlike how Joseph may have felt: betrayal, doubt, fear and uncertainty.   

The Story of Christmas by Vivian French is a telling of the Christmas story suitable for very young children.  

Serve the World
  • We say we trust God when we join God in blessing the world and when we realize that we have enough.  The "For the Love of Christmas" Christmas giving ministry is an opportunity to give a "gift" that gives in multiple ways: you can give a gift to support a GGCC partner in lieu of a material gift for someone on your list.  Check it out by clicking here.  
Devotional Note for Parents  

What expectations and traditions do we face as parents and adults in our world today?  How do the norms we received from our family of origin impact our parenting and relationships?  It seems that often what others think can have a big effect on our behavior.  Joseph had such trust in God that he was willing to face his family, his neighbors and the community in the wake of what must have appeared "unseemly" behavior to others.  


How might we ask Jesus to help us grow our trust in God's will and God's unique call for us, so that we might have blessed lives with God in the center?  

Sunday to Home
Connecting Worship, Children's Church and Home

December 4, 2011

Worship Theme

The Journey to Christmas:

Faith @ Home

Jesus is "God with us"  


Bible Story 
Matthew 1:18-24

Bible Background

Joseph was a carpenter and probably a young man of New Testament times: ready to marry at about fourteen or fifteen years.  And, we know Joseph was a kind young man because when he heard the news that his fiancee was pregnant he chooses the kinder legal option: divorce rather than death.

Joseph was obedient to God.  When an angel comes to Joseph in a dream, Joseph follows the angel's directions.  He goes ahead with the marriage to Mary and names the baby Jesus.  Like Mary, Joseph's responses was to trust God.
The word Emmanuel is a Hebrew word meaning "God is with us."  This verse refers back to the Old Testament scripture found in Isaiah 7:14.  Matthew uses this passage to show his readers that Jesus fulfills the scriptures.  "God is with us" means that Jesus is trely divine (God), but also fully human (with us.)

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Coming Up

Sunday, December 11:
  The Journey to Christmas continues: Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth.  Caroling event for the whole family!  1-2:30 pm at a group home in Parker for developmentally disabled adults and a senior assisted living center in downtown Littleton.

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