November 15, 2019
 Taking Your Sonic Exercise Experience to a Higher Level
In the next few months I'll be sharing information that will allow you to take your Sonic Experience to a Higher Level. Let's start with the Sonic exercise and the body's voltage.

When I first placed the original Turbosonic in my gym and got such an overwhelmingly positive response from my gym members, it piqued my curiosity as to what was really going on with whole-body vibration exercise. I was just looking for an easy way to effectively move lymphatic fluid but with all the testimonials I was getting back it was as though I had found the Holy Grail of exercise machines.

I eventually brought my first container of Turbosonic into the U.S. and started sending them out to various Chiropractors and Clinics that I knew through my Nutraceutical company. They started calling me and voicing the same questions. “What in the heck is this machine doing?” they would ask. "Everybody is getting better from whatever seems to be going on with them. How could something so simple be doing so much?"

In 2007, we started to get some answers...
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Every week we are sending out checks for Referrals, Affiliate fees, and Sales Commissions to Sonic Life people just like you, that have shared their good sonic vibrations with friends, neighbors, and groups.
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Every several days we will get a call from a potential customer looking for a Sonix machine to try in their area. We go to our website and check. If your location is listed it could mean more potential customers stopping by, and even a potential sale or two. If you would like to be listed on our website, send your listing information to or call 877-684-7245
Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Active Healing, Sargent Goodchild
2 Enon St., Beverly, MA 978-969-6593
Active Healing is a small organization with an eclectic offering of services. Active Healing was born out a deep desire to impact the lives of children living with developmental disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, attachment and bonding disorders, and learning disabilities through a process known as neurological reorganization (NR). In simple terms, NR leverages specific developmental movements to challenge and mature foundational brain stages and improve life skills. While focused on NR to achieve desired outcomes, we have implemented several additional services to accelerate the healing process. At the center of these other services is True Sonic Whole Body Vibration by Sonix which has become a keystone within our organization. Ultimately, the introduction of True Sonic Whole Body Vibration devices has been the catalyst to bringing on multiple other technologies with which it...
With every email we are going to be featuring various Sonic Vibration Locations – If you would like to have your location featured drop us a line at
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Sonic WBV Tip of the Day
I am not a doctor, but when using Sonic Vibration Exercise daily or even several times a day, I would recommend drinking more water and taking in additional minerals, including Celtic Sea salt, eating mineral rich organic foods, or even taking an Electrolyte type dietary supplement. No Gatorade or Sports drinks…Also be sure you are taking a good oil-based vitamin D3 with K2 to help with the mineral absorption.
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