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Good Afternoon.

First of all, for my friends in the United States, when I wrote last weekend, I completely overlooked the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. So I am now expressing my hope that you all had a wonderful "turkey day" and, if you're making a weekend of it, that you're enjoying that. I hope you find as much to be thankful for as I do.

Thanksgiving and other special times with family and friends are great times to set your electronic devices aside for some time spent in real conversations, hopefully with those people who mean the most to you.

This week, Jessica Stillman will give this idea some additional attention. Her advice is to make a practice of spending some time each day in quiet, device-free meditation.

Read on...and enjoy! 

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Abandon Your Phone, or Ipad?!? 
A Scary Idea for Some 

We're all (well, almost all of us) guilty of it, at least sometimes. Our phone chirps, and we depart (even if we stay in the room), for a few seconds or even for a few minutes, from the conversation we're in, or the task we're pursuing.

If we're in a conversation with someone, or a live meeting, of course this habit sends a message to those around us that they are less important than the person calling...and, often the chirp is only a calendar notification or something else that could have waited. Seldom the best way to build or nurture relationships!

Good Etiquette is Always Important

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm sometimes not as considerate as I might be. Maybe, by writing out some good etiquette guidelines, my etiquette will improve. Hopefully, yours will too. Here are some suggestions:
  • Mute your phone sounds, or turn the phone off, when you enter anything more than a brief casual conversation, especially when you visit someone else's office, or when someone enters yours.
  • If you're expecting a call or a message that will require an immediate response, announce that at the beginning of a conversation or meeting. This makes the urgency of that diversion expected, and excusable.
  • At all times, unless you're looking for something pertinent to the meeting you're in, avoid scrolling through messages or otherwise diverting your attention from the meeting at hand.
  • Follow Jessica's advice and separate yourself from your hand-held devices for at least one 15-minute period each day. Everyone, including you, will like you better.

Try it - You might Like it!

Jessica Stillman, in this article, suggests that taking some time away from electronic devices can help strengthen the calmer, more tranquil parts of your emotional make-up while softening and balancing the more extreme emotions, such as despair and elation.

For those accustomed to 24/7 connectedness, this may seem a difficult break to make at first. I would suggest you try it for a few weeks. Do it at a time that's convenient for you. 

Those important messages will still be there when you come back to your device. And what message is so urgent that the reply will have less value if it's delayed 15 or even 30 minutes?

Psychologists have found that forming a new habit and making it automatic takes 21 days of repetition, after which it becomes an integral part of your routine. So I would recommend putting your electronic devices aside for at least 15 minutes each day for three weeks. I think you'll find it improves your life in ways that will surprise you, and you'll want to continue taking that daily break.

Do More of What  You Love Doing - 
and What
You Get PAID For!

Do you coach or advise business leaders on ways to improve their businesses? If so, when you're face to face, or on the phone, with your clients, that's the work you signed up for, that you love...AND that you get paid for

Writing effective promotional, or even just conversational, material to attract new business takes hard, focused work. It's also very important in staying top-of-mind with your prospects and clients. If you're doing that writing yourself, it diverts your time and attention from the clients you're already helping. Your coaching work, also very absorbing, distracts you from your promotional writing. That likely makes your business-building less effective. I can focus on that writing while you put your time and effort toward your most important work.

Call Unity Copywriting today and learn how I can eliminate this distraction for you, and help you stay in touch with your important sources of business. Let me write a regular e-newsletter for you (similar to the one you're reading - these are my specialty) or other pieces to help you build and nurture relationships with your prospects and clients. I'll go to great lengths (not necessary the length of the message, unless you want it that way!) to describe how you serve your clients, and how prospective clients can benefit from working with you

Note: If you'd like to experience the benefits of my writing in a low-cost sample, call me to discuss what it will take to rewrite and enhance your LinkedIn presence. Depending on the complexity of your LinkedIn pages, I can usually do this for a few hundred dollars. 

For many people, this doubles or triples their LinedIn recognition.

Put My Experience to Work for You...

For several recent years I was a business coach, and before that I worked in various operations management roles during a long and varied career. So I've been practicing and studying leadership and teamwork for over 45 years. With this background, I'm uniquely qualified to explain the benefits you offer to your clients and prospects. I love writing about this work and I'd love to talk with you about how we can work together to promote your business most effectively. Please let me hear from you!

I Welcome  Your Thoughts!

Do you feel naked without your phone or other electronic communicator? Try leaving it silent and in another room for 15 minutes each day. I'll be very interested to hear of the changes you realize from taking that break.  Any other thoughts that spring up for you on this topic, are always welcome. Other burning issues for you? Bring 'em on! I'd love to discuss whatever's on your mind.

Do the ideas in any of my messages contribute to making your life and business more enjoyable and effective...or, do you have some reservations about them? I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences and learning from them. 

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Be well, my friends.
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