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August 22, 2016

Cheri-On the road again
Greetings from the beautiful country of Nicaragua. I hope that this letter will find you and your family faring well.  I desire to encourage you today.  

Many years ago a dream was birthed in my heart. People told me that it was a crazy dream. But this dream burned within and would not let up. I believed and still do that it was a divine dream - much bigger than me.  This dream gave me many blessings and many adventures, but also many trials and pain. (I think following a dream often does that.) This newsletter is witness that dreams can come true, dear friends.

Do you know that MOG is now 22 years old?  That is a long time.  It seems like not only me, but my entire family, grew up with MOG as MOG grew up with us.  And let me tell you, it is also strong and healthy and has many dreams that are now becoming a reality

I had my birthday this week, which caused some reflection - I am amazed and humbled that not only is this dream of Missions of Grace a reality now, but that the dream keeps on expanding, like a beautiful sunrise. I thank God for my life, for all the people who I have the honor to touch and encourage and help, and who do the same for me.  Life is not over until it is over - not for me and not for you!!!     Keep your eyes on the prize.  It is worth it all.

Martita Romero - visionary leader


This life-giving ultrasound project has been reaching out and saving lives for four years! We have only begun. Martita Romero (head nurse at the Las Salinas Health Post where we have our Project Ultra for 30 years) has been the local driving force behind our Ultrasound project.  This year, the local doctor at the health post received her ultrasound technician certification and has become an active member of our team.

In 2015, we saw more than 300 patients: almost all (97%) were female, more than half (53%) between 20 and 34 years old, and nearly 60% were there for prenatal exams. 

Our entire expenses for these services in 2015 totaled less than U$3000. So, for less than U$10 per patient, which includes all salaries and follow-up, over 300 impoverished people received a free ultrasound exam that they would not have been able to have otherwise. Amazing, right?

In the first seven months of 2016, we have already seen more than 400 patients; that is already a 145% increase since 2015. Doctors within a 50 mile radius are sending patients - we are their patients' only option if they do not have the time or money to go to Rivas, the closest city, and wait. Out of the 431 patients who have been seen so far, almost all (94%) were female and more than 40% were pregnant. This has cost MOG just over U$2600, which breaks down to U$6 per patient!

Consider partnering with this project - $60 provides 10 much-needed ultrasounds!   Donate here.

As the statistics above show, the care of mamas and babies, beginning before conception and continuing after birth, is in high demand and is sorely needed.
Cheri Mauldin apprenticed under an excellent midwife in the United States and actively participated in the delivery process several times. From this awareness,  MOG recognized the great need for prenatal and postnatal care 20 years ago and has progressively become more intricately involved as resources became available  - from training midwives at their local health post to holding a regional Midwifery Conference with international involvement.
BIENESTAR will be a Preventative Health Center in the heart of Las Salinas.  The main focus will be pre- and post-natal care, including ultrasounds. We will also be offering Counseling - especially to young people and women. Along with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (MINSA), we aim to address the issues of unplanned pregnancies, the growing number of STDs, and sexual vulnerability, by providing a safe place for confidential consultations and education.

On July 23rd, the 10-year contract for the land and building for Bienestar (that were introduced in my previous newsletter) was signed! This is momentous and means that we may now move on to preparing the Center in order to open to the public.

Martita, Cheri and local midwife in her herbal garden

The third component of Bienestar is the medicinal herbal garden we plan to have underway by the end of 2016. This garden will contain plants that have been used in traditional medicine in Nicaragua for decades, and that will be used to prevent illness as well as treat it.

Are you interested in helping set up the Center? MOG can custom-design a trip for you and your friends to see Nicaragua while lending a helping hand - check out our Voluntourism Page!


Missions of Grace is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States; however, we are still working towards becoming a registered NGO in Nicaragua.
While all of our activities are recognized as non-profit by the government of Nicaragua through our U.S. organization, having this legal in-country status is imperative to our future goals.  
The attorney that works for APRODIN (the Association of Nicaraguan Indigenous Communities) and has much experience in this regard has offered us his services at a very discounted rate to get our status approved by the Nicaraguan Congress. We estimate the total costs - including lawyer fees, translations, etc - to be approximately U$2000. The lawyer has requested initial documents and fees to be delivered by September 9th..

Please consider helping us reach this very important deadline of Sept. 9th.  If 40 people give $50 each, or only 20 give U$100 each, we will meet our goal. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. You can donate here.
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  I have faith that you have been stirred as we share our blessings with you.  Please make sure you label our newsletters so that they hit your inbox.  Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions, feedback or want to get involved.  We need partners.  Keep an eye out, I will be out interviewing the Las Salinas community, knocking on doors this week, sharing our news of the new Bienestar. My dream (another one) is to have Bienestar be self-sufficient within ten years.  Stories and photos coming up!!

With all my heart,  
Cheri Mauldin

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