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September 2015 - In This Issue

1. It's Not Too Late to Order Books for Fall  

Instructors can still order student guide books and instructor manuals for fall classes. Please allow 10 business days for shipping! 

2. Updated Email Templates 

A ll "Parent Email Templates" have been updated. Share with parents and guardians before starting a module to bring the learning experience home (continue reading for more information ).

3. Presentation Speaker Notes (.PDF) 

Registered instructors can now find individual "Presentation Speaker Notes" for each lesson in the "Accompanying Instructor Files" section of the  download   tool. 
Feature1Taking it Beyond the Classroom

Teens do not live in a financial vacuum. Their money values and beliefs are influenced by their family members, friends and other significant adults in their lives. 

To increase the impact of teaching personal finance skills, it is important for the conversation to continue beyond the classroom.

The latest program impact  evaluation  revealed that HSFPP teens are doing just that. 
Three months after concluding the curriculum, three out of four students surveyed reported sharing what they had learned through the HSFPP with family and/or friends; before the program, only 25 percent said they discussed money with family members.

To help continue this trend, HSFPP recently revised the "Email Templates" instructors can send to parents and guardians before beginning a new module. The email can be tailored to match the lessons an instructor plans to cover and the specific activities the teens will complete. 
All of the letters include four main components:
  1. What Your Teen is Learning
  2. What Your Teen is Doing in Class
  3. How You Can Reinforce What Was Learned
  4. Where You Can Learn More
Registered instructors can access the "Parent Email Templates" in the  download  tool.   
Article1Let NEFE Pay Your Way: Jump$tart Educator Conference 

Because we have received a record number of entries into our drawing to send HSFPP instructors to the Jump$tart Educator Conference, we are increasing the number of scholarships we will provide from three to ten! 

If you have not entered, there are only a few days left. All entries must be received by midnight on Sunday, September 13. 

Visit www.hsfpp.org/jumpstart to enter and learn more about eligibility. See you in Maryland!  

NEFEContentNew August NEFE Content

Instructors can use content from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own websites and the quarterly NEFE Digest to engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook page.

On Your Own

In addition to  six new on-the-street interviews with young people from around the country, On Your Own featured two new articles:
After being thrust into the role of parent to her three younger brothers at the age of 18, Aurielle Johnson formed her money philosophy early on and now owns a home with the help of Habitat for Humanity.
Settling up is made easy for Millennials like Peter Ng and Matt Meier who use the payment app Venmo to divvy up expenses with roommates, split checks with friends, and even pay for a Fantasy Football league. 

Smart About Money

Smart About Money featured a  Back to School hot topic, which included:

Use these nine tips to get your little ones geared up for back to school without blowing your budget.

Start to plan now for the known and unknown costs of higher education.
After years of saving for your child's education, here are some tips on the best way to start putting those funds to good use.
College can be overwhelmingly pricey, and it's a challenge to stay in budget and keep costs low while still providing your child with necessary items for school. Here are some tips on how to balance the cost of your child's tuition, textbooks, and technology.
As a parent, you can ensure your teen maintains the same essentials of living at home while he or she is away at college. Do this by helping plan for his or her upcoming living situation.
Many college seniors are graduating with thousands of dollars in credit card debt, which can be extremely damaging as they enter the real world. So your child doesn't enter the real world with a similar burden, teach your young adult child how to manage his or her finances responsibly.
trainingUpcoming Training Opportunities

At  www.hsfpp.org  you can find face-to-face training events  in your state and  register for a live 45-minute  introduction webinar  that fits into your schedule. 
NEFEresourcesNEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse® - online materials for college students
Financial Workshop Kits - resources for adult financial educators
Evaluation Toolkit® - databank of questions to measure impact
On Your Own - young adult blog about financial lessons learned
Spendster - confessions of bad spending habits
Smart About Money - consumer finance tips and tools

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