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29 July 2020
The Farm School
What's New at the Farm Stand
By the Numbers
Compost gets a Lift

 Recipes to Dine For
Raw Crunch Bell Peppers

Field Notes
Taking it to the Next Level

Update: Progreso Latino
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The Farm School
What's New at the Farm Stand

In an effort to enrich the farm stand experience, we are offering local purveyors during our Saturday Market. We now have 4 Town Farm corn, and some wonderful blueberry hibiscus iced tea, plus other goodies to go along with our wonderful 'beyond organic' veggies!

Bring a friend and enjoy a shady spot on the farm. Your support enables us to expand the array of local products available at the farm stand while supporting our education programs.

Have ideas for purveyors? Let us know what you would like to see next. Fresh eggs? Local bread? Send us an e-mail or drop us a clue when you see us at the farm.

** This Saturday, join the flower-power movement, and make your own bouquets . We'll be at the farm stand to assist with flowers and arrangements. See you there. **
Venmo at the farm stand >>> Connect with us @btownfarmschool
Wednesday and Saturday Markets open at 10 a.m.
(certain items sell out quickly)

This week features:
Cherry tomatoes, Italian eggplant, Red Norland and cream potatoes, zucchini, squash, green pepper, Japanese eggplant, beet root, carrot, green bean, Swiss chard, kale, basil, chives, honey, and flowers.

(Saturday only)
Field Tomatoes (limited quantity)
Music Garlic (Highly sought after organic heirloom)
Cherry tomatoes beginning to come in!
By the Numbers
Zack shows off his mastery of the weave to new recruit, Nico.
Lily, pruning invasives and playing hide and seek!
With so many volunteers joining us at the farm, it is beginning to look like BFS is in the midst of a farming revolution. Volunteers, to date, have given well over one thousand hours of their time to the farm since the start of 2020.

But beyond these statistics, the real numbers are in the education taking place in the fields. We have a core group of volunteers who now can call the farm their second home. They are learning the ins and outs of the farm, how we manage the fields, how to harvest like pros, weave tomatoes like they were born and raised in the bread basket, and utilize silage tarps like Jean-Martin Fortier. True apprentices; young farmers in the making. Come join the farming revolution.

Harvest Nights w/the Board ~ Tuesdays and Fridays 6 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Volunteer Corps ~ Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 a.m. - noon
Families on the Farm ~ Thursday mornings 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

If you would like to volunteer,
message/call Farmer Dan at 401-834-5828.

Waiver  form   required.

Other times/events noted on the calendar
Composting Gets a Lift
Well, dreams do come true, at least if you ask Kelvin M. He's been knee deep in compost all season, a virtual one man show, but the compost help has arrived! Volunteers now have their daily chores to assist in the compost heaps, emptying out toters and turning the food scrap into rich soil! Everyone will learn this most valuable skill and will be able to put their own stamp of approval on our amazing creation.

Food-scrap collection continues at the farm stand, including fish carcasses and shells in with veggie scraps ( no meat or chicken bone at this time).
Here are the totals for the month of June .

Thank you to everyone dropping off at the farm stand. 2019 collection has been converted to approximately 10 cubic yards of finished compost ready for the fields!

Have you added chickens to your backyard garden? We gladly accept any excess bedding and organic chicken manure. Find the drop-off location in this video plus a tour of the farm stand.
Recipes to Dine For
Raw Crunch Bell Peppers
Too hot to cook! Eat your veggies raw :). If you haven't had our bell peppers, they are astronomically better than store bought. They have enormous crunch factor, are packed with vitamin C (more than an orange), and release intense juice and flavor in every bite. Stop in and get a half dozen of these delicious treats.
Field Notes
Taking it to the Next Level
We are in the midst of a major heat wave and no rain. We're working tirelessly to keep the crops from feeling parched, and battling equipment failure.

But through it all, we've learned that we have some of the best volunteers around. They show up, heat, rain, sunshine, with cheery attitudes, sound minds, and problem solving skills. They are becoming versatile, taking ownership of projects, teaching new recruits what they themselves only learned a few weeks ago, bringing friends, and having an all around amazing experience.

This week, they'll clean and prep garlic for sale, continue to prep and turn over the spring beds to make room for fall crops, and get busy on the compost piles. The rest of the potatoes (fingerlings) will make their way out of the fields.
The onions didn't reach ideal size this year, but the volunteers didn't mind having a great chat while trimming them!
In the News
Dear Friends and Followers of the Barrington Farm School:

We are sincerely grateful to the people who have donated nonperishable foods and other items for Progreso Latino since we started this initiative June 24.

Thank you for the canned food, dry goods, sauces, beans, snacks, cereals, juices, diapers, and more. We’ve received a huge variety of goods, and Progreso Latino has responded that every item we’ve delivered is most welcome. Progreso Latino provides food for about 700 families per week in Central Falls.

To date, we’ve delivered some 40 cubic feet of products, and although it’s a fraction of their needs, they are very appreciative of your donations.

Please join us in continuing to support our brothers and sisters in Central Falls. 
·         Unexpired nonperishable food products.
·         Boxed cereals and snacks for children.
·         Diapers in sizes 3 and up.
Again, when you go shopping, please pick up something to drop off at the farm stand.
An inclusive community farm and learning center that provides farming, food, health, and environmental education supported by dedicated volunteers serving as stewards of our historic farm. Barrington Farm School is a 501(c)3 educational resource for students of all ages.
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