Volume 80 | April 2021
APRIL 2021
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"Under the Hood"
with Don Monn
Looking into new car registrations in Europe shows some interesting facts, that should not come as a surprise to any of us. The Electric vehicles (ECV) and Hybrids (HEV) are quickly gaining market share over the long-established diesel- and petrol-powered cars.

Covering the World: Europe Edition
Taiyo continues to expand in the Europe market! So it only made sense that we brought on an expert in the industry. Learn more about our Sales Manager Frank-Ralf Mayer.

Materials Used for European Automotive PCBs.
The European Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market services a variety of end markets such as industrial equipment, aerospace, medical and automotive. All these markets have some special requirements to fulfill. The article reviews all four.

The History of the European PCB Market
Compared to the year 2000, when printed circuit boards with a total value of 4.5 billion euros were still produced in Europe, the total market in 2020 shows a shrinkage of more than 67%. The European printed circuit board market shrank again by 12,2% in 2020. The total market is currently estimated at Euro 1.550 billion.

Talking to an Industry Legend - Alun Morgan
People tell me if you want to know what is happening in Europe when it comes to our industry the person to go to is Alun Morgan. Alun is not only the Technology Ambassador for Ventec Great, he is also the president of The European Institute of the PCB Community. (EIPC), which to me means that he truly is the guy with his finger on the pulse of the European PCB community and as you will soon see a true industry legend as well. Enjoy

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  • 1. In 1980, what percentage of PCB production consisted of America, Europe, and Japan.
a.) 20% b.) 53% c.) 80% d.) 92% e.) 77.3%

  • 2. What year did PCB production in Europe peak?
a.) 2020 b.) 2018 c.) 2008 d.) 1995 e.) 2002

  • 3. Which industry takes up the most PCB production in Europe?
a.) Automotive b.) Military & Defense c.) Aerospace
d.) Industrial e.) Communications

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Did you attend the APEX Virtual Expo in March? If you missed the event then you most likely missed Taiyo's New Product Presentation, featuring 3 major innovations in solder mask and heat management ink. Catch up while you can!
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Dry Film = Zero Waste
Staying ahead of the ever-changing and growing needs for flex circuit boards, Taiyo introduces a dry film solder mask that is guaranteed to meet your high resolution and tight registration needs during the manufacturing of flex boards.

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THP35-01 Single Filling Chamber
Double your filling capacity with the THP35-01 Single Filling Chamber. This module can easily be added to any existing hole filling machine in your facility. The THP35-01 has great process capabilities and uses an extremely high local vacuum with our patented filling head system, like the full THP35 machine, but with a huge price advantage.
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