Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
What you should be asking when considering new flooring for your lab or clean room
For the lab professionals out there, how often do you think about the floor in your lab? As a clinician, you may think about flooring when your back or feet hurt after a long day of standing. Or if there’s a spill or some other risk of contamination. Perhaps even more if an expensive piece of lab equipment is damaged by the static electricity in the lab. Then flooring becomes extremely important.

As a flooring company that works with hospital facilities managers and lab management professionals, we typically ask a litany of questions before making a recommendation. Those categories considerations include: operational; installation, aesthetics and maintenance. Here are some of the more critical questions we ask a lab or facilities manager. 
Applying seam sealer to FreeStyle Interlocking tiles
FreeStyle's flexible composition, combined with our unique interlocking system, allows flooring to be installed over many problem subfloors, including high-moisture concrete, stained, cracked, and irregular subfloors, and old flooring. This feature also allows FreeStyle products to be installed without adhesives and at a much lower cost.
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