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Valuing Diversity: Developing a Deeper Understanding of All Young Children's Behavior
It is essential for you to see and understand your own culture in order to see and understand how the cultures of children and their families influence children's behavior. Learn how to rethink challenging behavior in this article from NAEYC.
Supporting Children in Uncertain Times: Responding to the Coronavirus
When children are unsettled, they may show their feelings through behaviors like crying, fighting with siblings, clinging to caregivers, regressing to previous milestones, and having tantrums. You can help children cope with feeling unsettled by providing structure, reassurance, and safety. See what you can do in this tip sheet from the Center for Inclusive Child Care.
Let's Stop Yelling in Child Care
Child care is a stressful job. When we are under stress, we often divert to our easiest behaviors in order to solve a problem. Yelling at a child might be more natural at times than pausing and thinking about how to more effectively guide the child and the situation. Learn how to prevent yelling and encourage positive behaviors in this article from the Center for Inclusive Child Care.
Upcoming Training Events
We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will make decisions about offering future face-to-face trainings later this summer. Check out our Training Calendar to learn about the variety of online, self-paced courses that we have available while face-to-face training is on pause. T hank you for your understanding and flexibility during this uncertain time!
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