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  1. Kicking off Women's History Month
  2. Advocacy: Equal Pay Day 2022
  3. Meet our second cohort of ALL IN Employers
  4. Support for Ukraine
Kicking off Women's History Month
On March 1, the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women honored the Erie County Emergency Child Care Task Force for its work throughout the pandemic to identify and develop solutions for our child care crisis.

Members include child care and after-school providers, parents, elected officials, child care organizations, advocates, and foundations. Some members pictured below include Sheri Scavone, CEO of the WNY Women's Foundation, and WNY Women's Foundation Board Emeritae Ellen Grant and Mary Jo Hunt.
Equal Pay Day & Advocacy
Tuesday, March 15 marked Equal Pay Day, symbolizing how far into the year white women must work to earn what the average man earned the previous year. Equal Pay Day for Black women, Native women, and Latinas falls even later in the year.

The Buffalo News published an “Another Voice” piece by WNY Women’s Foundation CEO Sheri Scavone about how we can fill the gender pay gap at the state level by supporting high-quality, affordable child care.
As Sheri writes, "Solutions to the gender pay gap do exist. Many solutions are directly entwined with providing more support to essential, predominately female-held occupations, and providing affordable child care so women can work.”
On March 7, the WNY Women’s Foundation took the lead in organizing a statewide legislative briefing on child care, home care, and economic development titled, “Investing in Women, Investing in New York.” The briefing featured Andrea Minor of CCNY (an ALL IN Employer Partner) speaking as a “sandwich generation” woman, responsible for taking care of both children and aging parents.
We will continue to call on the governor and state legislature to drive essential funding to support higher wages for child care workers and expand benefits to families in the 2023 budget.
ALL IN Cohort 2
As we moved into 2022, we began engaging with our second cohort of
ALL IN Employer Partners. We’re proud to have these companies join in helping make Western New York a premier place for women to earn, learn, and lead!
Support for Ukraine
The WNY Women’s Foundation signed on to the Women’s Funding Network’s statement of solidarity with Ukraine.

You can read the full statement, which includes information about safe and reliable funds accepting donations.
The WNY Women's Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for women to earn, learn, and lead.

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