It's happening. We can already feel it. Old Man Winter is loosening his grip. So...your TCT newsletter gurus decided it would be fun to look ahead to the many Trail adventures that are just around the corner. That's why we invited our friends Shanny and Miles from TDA Cycling to contribute to this issue of
Trail Talk, to share their expertise on roadway cycling.
And finally, in addition to 2017 being Canada's 150th birthday year, it's also Montreal's 375th anniversary! We might be a little biased about this city, as it is home to TCT's national head office, but we think you might just start planning your visit after reading the article below. Start packing your bags! ;-)
Our Guest Blogger this month: Shanny Hill
Slowly but surely, the days are getting longer. We might even be thinking ahead to spring, and the many opportunities the warmer weather will provide for exploring Canada during its big birthday year (happy sesquicentennial Canada!). My colleague and I want to share why we love roadway cycling with you, along with some tips on how to stay safe while you have the time of your life on your bicycle.  
But if you can't wait until spring, you can read about the versatility of fat bikes, the all-terrain, all-season bicycle. And, if you have grand ambitions of a self-contained journey along The Great Trail, learn about how bikepacking is opening up long-distance cycling to a whole new generation of adventurers.   

Taking the Roadway Less Travelled

So many opportunities for adventure await on The Great Trail - on greenway, waterway and roadway. TDA Global Cycling Operations Manager Miles MacDonald shares his love for roadway cycling, which he hopes is contagious!

5 Tips for Safe Cycling on The Great Trail

TDA Global Cycling Marketing Manager Shanny Hill shares his must-have list of safety tips he's acquired while leading cycling tours around the globe. Use them for your next adventure on The Great Trail...or wherever the road may lead!  
TCT Staff Picks for Top Roadways to Check Out This Spring

We asked our Trail staff - our resident Trail aficionados - to share some of their favourite roadway sections of The Great Trail...from cycling through ranch country in Alberta, to the Dempster Highway in the Yukon, our knowledgeable biking buffs did not disappoint!
Bikepacking 101 with Ryan Correy

Adventure cyclist, author ans speaker Ryan Correy has been passionate about all things on two wheels since the age of 13. Last year, Ryan launched Bikepack Canada to helps make the True North Strong and Free into a go-to bikepacking destination. Learn all about the basics of bikepacking for your next epic adventure on The Great Trail.
Fat Biking - a Pleasant Return to Childhood

Ryan Draper has made it  his life's work to empower cyclists - at all skill levels - to maximize their potential and safety enjoy the sport safely while having as much fun as possible. Ryan has over 15 years of racing experience as an endurance cyclist, and in this article, he shares his best tips for beginners who want to experience all the awesomeness that fat biking has to offer. 

Come on, Canada - Let's do this!

Help connect The Great Trail, a truly epic birthday gift for Canada's 150th year.

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3 Must-See Sections of The Great Trail in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, is celebrating 375 years in 2017, a perfect occasion to come discover charming neighbourhoods, awesome landmarks, restaurants and museums. The city also offers a one-of-a-kind urban Trail experience with some of Canada's most beautiful, historic and exciting backdrops. 

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