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February 7, 2020
EWOT ~ Exercise with Oxygen Training
Once again, THANK YOU for all your positive responses to our Newsletters. We are continually adding more Demo Locations. We're also excited that more of you are jumping on the bandwagon sharing and selling Sonix’s to your friends and neighbors. Keep up the good work.

With this Newsletter, we're continuing our series on Taking Your Sonic Vibration Experience to another level. Today, we are talking about adding additional Oxygen to your Sonic experience. When I first experienced the amazing Turbosonic and had several in my gym, I was asking myself; when a person has all 80 to 100 trillion cells in motion all at the same time and all at the same frequency; what does the body want to make it function even better? The first thing that came to mind was minerals and electrolytes to help raise the voltage potential of the entire body. Then came protein and BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids). We discussed these strategies in a previous newsletter. The next really big thing that came up for me was oxygen.

Oxygen therapy has been around for a long time in the medical world, but in 2006 incorporating oxygen with exercise was just beginning to come on the scene...
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
New Health Chiropractic & Therapy, Hamburg, NY
Dr. Nick Morris DC, drove 2 hours down to Eastern Pennsylvania to demo a Sonic Whole Body Vibration platform. He immediately made the decision to implement Sonic WBV therapy into his practice. He just knew in his 'knower'- that intuitive part of all of us, that Sonic WBV was an effective, non-invasive, holistic treatment option. "It made so much sense to me", says Dr. Nick. "I've been a chiropractor for 15 years and had my own practice since 2011. I started out using Sonic Vibration therapy to mainly assist and enhance my adjustments. But with a family practice, it's developed into more.

"One of the most phenomenal experiences I've had was with a 10 year-old autistic boy. He was hyperactive and non-verbal. The first time his mother brought him in, I wasn't able to work with him and told her it was okay and just to bring him in again soon. The next visit, the child was willing to get on the Sonic Vibration platform. His body seemed to say 'yes' to the machine. His mother and I were both shocked afterward when...
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Sonic Vibration Tip of the Day
Finding the Sweet Spot
To tighten your face and neck area, set your unit in the manual mode at 12 or 13 Hertz, turn up the power, hold on to the handle bars for balance, and tip your head back. While tipping your head back you will find a sweet spot where your neck, face and jaw are vibrating like crazy. Hold that position and flex your face and neck as much as possible making all kinds of faces to hold that flex. Good Luck with your Sonix WBV Face Lift.
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