TaleSpring Contest Winners
The Very Hungry Zombie and How To Pray
14 February 2013
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The Very Hungry Zombie
How To Pray
Kitty Wants
Ricky the Fortune Cookie
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We had a very fun time with our contest between illustration students at UVU and BYU, and the winners are now available in the App Store!

Our GRAND PRIZE winner came out of Utah Valley University (UVU)! Congratulations to Alicia Van Noy Call for "The Very Hungry Zombie: A Tale of Ravenous Reanimation".

The winner for Brigham Young University (BYU) was "How To Pray" by William Day. Honorable mentions include "Kitty Wants" by Ginny Tilby, and "Ricky the Fortune Cookie" by Jared Salmond.
GRAND PRIZE and UVU Winner:  Alicia Van Noy Call
Follow an unfortunate zombie as he eats one wrong thing after another in this rhyming story inspired by the classic song: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. This zombie doesn't know what's good for him, but he just keeps going, with disastrous -- and hilarious -- results.


BYU Winner - William Day
A beautifully Illustrated Interactive Story that will touch your heart. Ever wonder how to pray? This Free App explains why prayer is important and how to create one using interactive illustrations. Be sure to tap on all of the objects so you don't miss out. Free Updates included.


Honorable Mention: Ginny Tilby
Poor Kitty can't figure out how to get what he wants. ("Compliments on my tail? Friends to play with? Fish to eat?") Finally Kitty learns that the key to getting his wants/needs met is simply to ask. (Remember to help the story along, and to discover fun surprises by touching different objects!) 
Honorable Mention: Jared Salmond

How does a fortune cookie get its fortune? Join Ricky as he leaves CookieTown to embark on his journey to find his own fortune!

* See the other cookies in CookieTown!
* Where in the world does Ricky travel?
* Watch how Ricky's clever and quick actions save him from being munched too early!

We hope you have a great Valentine's Day!
The TaleSpring Family