Ok, you have some (but not much) time to practice your talent for the REACH Talent Show and some of the auction items are already looking tempting. See more information about Youth Ministry and music and other information in this week's youth ministry newsletter.
REACH Talent Show and Auction
The REACH talent show and silent auction is almost here! Please sign-up for your talent if you are going to REACH and have not yet.

This March 10 event is directly after the Saturdays@6 service (we encourage you to attend). The Silent Auction is between 7 to 8 p.m. and talent show between 8 and 9:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend and see the best event in Ashburn.*

* Phrase independently evaluated by 4 individuals. The show is awesome.
Youth Ministry and Music!
Do you sing or play an instrument? Do you want to sing? Music is one of the primary ways we have prayed and worshiped God for thousands of years! There are opportunities at all of the services. Please contact the Music office to find out how or ask one of your youth leaders.
Attention Parents
Do you know the primary youth minister at St. David's? That is you, the parent! Please keep an eye out for an upcoming email to parents about a parents' group.

This group will help support youth ministry activities and it will also meet occasionally to discuss or learn about being a parent of a teenager (you are not alone!).
30 Good Minutes
Do you know what the best selling and most popular book of all time is? The Bible! Join 30 good minutes after the 9 and before the 11 (10:10) in Boslaugh to discuss a different portion of the Bible each week. This is for a limited time so come and find out!
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