Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies in Tech for 2022: Part Three

Hiring teams need help. Especially hiring teams trying to figure out how to attract top talent. Tech recruiters everywhere are struggling to develop their talent acquisition solutions. But most of them are also engaged and worried about retaining the IT talent they already have.

Tech shortages coupled with the Great Resignation on top of COVID disruption have made for a tumultuous couple of years in the U.S. We’ve compiled some of the best talent acquisition and retention strategies to help you calm the storm.


Actionable Employee Retention Strategies

Perhaps ironically, many of the talent acquisition solutions we’re suggesting will also help to build a culture that is effective in retaining your current teams. Higher compensation, flexible work hours, the opportunity to work remotely and advance are all offerings that will entice your IT talent to stay long term.


Your current tech teams will also appreciate:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • A system of rewards

Offering Professional Development Opportunities

If your tech team isn’t learning, they simply won’t stay on top of the latest innovations in the technology field. Creating a robust program with upskilling opportunities that could also lead to advancement will give your IT teams the education they need to improve themselves. That will build their loyalty for the long term.


Creating a Reward System

You may think your tech talent is self-effacing and potentially not interested in public recognition of their good work. You couldn’t be more wrong! Celebrating the wins both big and small will help your organization build bonds with your tech team. Recognizing achievements with financial rewards will encourage strong performance and improve company morale. Consider developing a compensation package with quarterly production bonuses to keep your teams motivated and on track.

Partner with Vector Talent to Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent Today

Competition for IT talent now stretches across industries. Job seekers are looking at new career paths. About one-third would consider leaving their current industry entirely. That means you’re competing for talent across all of those industries. With 50% of workers saying they want a job change and 33% reporting they’d switch industries to do it, your talent acquisition and retention strategies must account for these trends. Basically, you can’t count on the old talent pools that you used to.

The other issue affecting our ability to recruit tech talent is that the game of hiring has turned into a sales job. Job candidates, and especially tech job candidates no longer have to sell themselves to the interviewer. They (the job candidates) are interviewing us as much as we are them. That’s why your tech talent acquisition strategies should be rock solid to attract top talent to your business.

Vector Talent Resources provides talent acquisition solutions to supplement your existing efforts to recruit tech talent. If you’re wondering how to attract top talent, contact our team today. We can help.