Mancos Business e-News | July 7, 2020
Mancos Valley Clinic Reopens July 6
During the initial challenges posed by COVID-19, Southwest Health Systems temporarily moved the Mancos clinic to its medical office building in Cortez. These issues have since been resolved and the full team moved back to the Mancos location July 6th.
First Southwest Community Fund
The nonprofit First Southwest Community Fund has established a Rapid Response & Recovery Loan Fund to offer affordable loans to rural Colorado businesses and nonprofits affected by the COVID-19 crisis, with the goal to protect jobs and invest in our communities in the short, medium and long-term. 

CWDC Launches Talent Development Playbook
In order to address challenges employers face while hiring, developing, and retaining employees during this time, the Colorado Workforce Development Council recently launched a "Talent Development Playbook" to help businesses hire, train, and keep talented employees.

Volunteer Lawyers to Help Colorado Small Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis
The State of Colorado has partnered with the legal community to create a volunteer program designed to connect attorneys with Colorado businesses in need to help them make informed decisions and get back on their feet.

Colorado Manufacturers' Products and Services Directory Launched
Manufacturer's Edge has launched a new product and services directory to support and sustain manufacturing operations throughout Colorado. This free directory allows manufacturer's in Colorado to promote their protective products and services.

Consumers Are Nervous. Here's the Safety Checklist They Want to See
From: Inc.
Customers are deciding where to shop based on precautions that companies take.

News Roundup
Governor Polis Orders Bars to Close Again for In-person Service
"Bars may still sell take-out alcohol. Also, ones that serve food and also function as restaurants can continue in-person service as long as people aren’t mingling with other groups."

Paths to Mesa Verde Awarded Funds for Construction
"The funding from the Colorado Federal Lands Access Program (CFLAP) will complete the section from Mancos to Mesa Verde National Park. CFLAP is managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation."

Upcoming Events
Joint Venturing for Government Contracts
When: July 10, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Presented By: Aurora-South Metro SBDC

Have you ever considered bidding a job but didn't because it was just too big? Have you passed up opportunities because you didn't have enough time or resources? Forming a Joint Venture (JV) could be the answer! It may seem intimidating for a small business, but it is an excellent tactic to quickly build capacity and grow your business.

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