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Schools are back in session and businesses are continuing to reopen with more confidence than before. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adapt to ever-changing regulations. There are many resources available for businesses of all sectors to utilize. Check out our Reopen Preparedness Plan and Business Restart Toolkit to help you reopen and bring back your workforce. Are you looking for other resources to help you during this time? Check out our website which is being updated daily. 
With industries continually bringing back their workforce, more and more employers are searching to hire for positions that need to be filled. #KeepUPWorking is a way to highlight your career opportunities for those seeking U.P. jobs. Looking to see current trends in the workforce? Our EMSI tool can help. These tools can pull occupation studies for any industry and much more. Click here for an example. If you want to find out about your industry workforce trends, contact one of the LSCP’s Business Development Representatives.
Do you know someone searching for a new career or a student seeking guidance on a career path? Check out the 2020 Career Technical Education Magazine. The magazine highlights numerous career opportunities along with internships and apprenticeships in those career fields. Some career industries highlighted are Agriculture, Manufacturing, Business, and more! If you would like a physical copy, let us know! 
We have hosted a number of COVID-19 Resources webinars in 2020. Discussions have included updates on workplace safety, regulations, and response plans. Additionally, we recently launched the Partner Perspectives series, which features LSCP board members, updating us on what is going on in their industry. With schools back in session, two must see webinars are NMU Students Return- What You Need to Know and the Superintendent of NICE Community Schools from our Partner Perspectives. Click here for more information on the webinars. 

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Highlight your company talent seeking opportunities on Michigan's Job and Career Fair calendar located here.
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