Talent Insights
2nd Quarter 2019
The Latest in Leadership, Talent & Transition
from BPI group Experts
Podcast: Today's High Potentials, Tomorrow's Leaders
"High potentials are a tricky group. . . They're sort of the wild horse that you're trying to tame and put in the right race." In our new Taking the Lead podcast, learn how Jeanne Mason , CVP of HR at Baxter International Inc. , works with Baxter's high potentials to grow their development and the company's talent strategy.

Senior Executives Thriving in Today's Job Market
There's a great deal of research on younger generations entering (or even taking over) the workforce, but how are more experienced professionals faring in today's market? Featured in CEOWORLD Magazine , our latest Executive Employment Trends Report indicates that senior executives are making a variety of choices for the next steps in their careers.

"How Am I Doing?"
The Value of Feedback
Most senior executives know their strengths and weaknesses, but how can they take feedback to the next level? Our article in Chief Executive Magazine explains the concept of key stakeholder feedback and how it contributes to success for leaders, teams, and organizations.

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