Talent Insights
January/February 2020
The latest on high-impact coaching,
talent strategy, and leadership development

2019 Executive Employment Trends Annual Report 

We’re all familiar with the growing leadership gap in today’s employment market, but what does that mean for transitioning executives? Check out our 2019 Executive Employment Trends Annual Report  for insights on average search duration, pay stats, and more. 

“Look around the room and see the changes in our people. The impact this program has made is well worth the investment.”
- Action Learning Program participant

Read about how BPI group used high-impact action learning to help one company develop its leaders while also solving for its lack of innovation.
Build a Talent Strategy
for 2020 and Beyond
What does a modern talent strategy look like and how can businesses more effectively leverage one to achieve organizational objectives? We’ve compiled six key elements of a best-in-class talent strategy to help you attract, develop, and engage a high-performing workforce that achieves business results. 
Jump-Start Your L&D Skills in 2020 
For many L&D leaders, your own professional development may fall victim to the needs of your workforce. Fortunately, the new year is synonymous with improvement, lending us the opportunity to reset, realign, and revamp our professional development initiatives. Time to make 2020 the best one yet! 
[Podcast] Spin-Off Success: Aligning Leaders, Teams, & Culture 
If you think leading a successful spin-off in just six months seems impossible, you’re not alone, yet that’s exactly what Allegion CEO David Petratis did. Learn how he leveraged strategies in talent development, executive coaching, & unfiltered conflict to achieve the [nearly] impossible. 
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