Do Your L&D Leaders Need
a Jump-Start?

Today's learning leaders are charged with driving their organization's leaders and teams to peak performance, but too often, their own development takes a back seat. We have some tips for L&D leaders seeking a path for their own self-development.

“BPI group is passionate about helping our leaders excel and leverage the most current and innovative approaches. They coach our leadership team and encourage us to embrace change, while also helping us navigate uncharted waters.We see BPI group as a true partner on our leadership development journey.”
- Senior Manager, Human Capital L&D

Making it Work: Grooming More Women for Leadership Roles in Finance

 This has been a standout year for women gaining visibility in politics and speaking out on social and gender issues. So why aren't women making as much progress in leadership roles? Learn how companies are failing high-potential women in the finance industry and what they can do better.

Are you looking for ways to prioritize your talent strategies? We have a methodology that can help you prioritize, given the multiple implications of your choices. Our Talent Strategy Advisory consultants will help you map out a plan. Call us today at 312-577-4001.
Turning High-Potential Leaders Into Strategic Thinkers

A top global financial services firm sought an innovative approach to increase strategic thinking among its high-potential leaders. We developed a hybrid learning experience with virtual and in-person sessions that maximized engagement and minimized costs. The result? Stronger relationships and team collaboration with actionable, strategic solutions to real business problems.

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