Talent Insights
4th Quarter 2018
The Latest in Leadership, Talent & Transition
from BPI group Experts
Putting Learning Into Action
Action learning is a highly effective way to solve an organization’s specific business problem while simultaneously training its leaders. Read about how an action learning program can help organizations grow and learn.

Executive Employment Trends

With the strong nationwide economy and the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, how are senior executives faring in today’s job market? BPI group’s Executive Employment Trends Report offers insights into how factors such as age, education, and salary impact the length and quality of an executive job search.

A Culture Transformation for Leaders and Teams
A large division of a global beverage company underwent significant organizational change (leadership, layoffs, compensation changes), with a negative impact on employee morale. Learn how the leadership turned things around by transforming the division's culture and embracing the concept of change as the new norm.

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