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Vector Talent and Social Responsibility
By Hector Velez, Chief Operating Officer

At Vector Talent Resources, we have always believed that choosing between profits and social responsibility or between profits and the environment are false choices.

At Vector Talent, we’ve always been committed to be a force for good whenever and however it makes sense. My team and I have been involved in many local and regional charities, philanthropies, and causes that directly impact where we live and work. For example, on November 17, Vector Talent served as a proud sponsor of the CARE (Companies As Responsive Employers) Awards:

Nonetheless, recent events have caused us to slightly depart from our local focus.

Having been born and raised in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria’s impact felt close to home as my parents, extended family, and friends still live there. Additionally, Vector Talent has clients and customers with family and/or friends in Puerto Rico. Not to mention the 3.8 million American citizens who live there (more than in 21 states).

Having spent seven days in PR in what can be deemed a “rescue mission,” I can readily attest to the devastation unleashed by Hurricane Maria. I saw firsthand how our society is bound together by a social contract undergirded by a modern infrastructure that can be exposed in its fragility by the forces of nature. The lack of power, running water, passable roads, and telecommunications can make the most “mundane” activity a test of survival. Luckily, I was able to get my parents safely out to the mainland.

For us here at Vector Talent, this was a call to action that prompted us to launch a “Q4-4-PR” campaign, by which we are donating a portion of our Q4 profits to United for Puerto Rico:

You can help us help others by becoming an active customer of Vector Talent Resources and/or donating directly to United for Puerto Rico.

If the economic “surplus” of the wealthiest economy in the world is not used to improve the lives of others, then what is the economy for?
The  TalentMEDIA team is the best in the industry at handling difficult, multilayered communications projects with grace and accuracy—the more complicated, the better. Our proven project management methodology and highly trained professionals allow us to deliver excellence in all that we do. Client satisfaction is our passion. We measure our success in delivering excellence by client referrals and direct client feedback. We appreciate the work we do, and the fact that our clients regularly return to us reinforces that. All of TalentMEDIA’s work proudly carries our reputation of excellence.

  • EDITORIAL. TalentMEDIA’s editorial services team provides consistent, high-quality content while offloading all responsibility for editing, proofreading, quality control, and project management from your plate. We will match you with the right project manager for your work and develop a detailed project plan based on your publication deadlines.

  • DESIGN AND PRODUCTION. TalentMEDIA’s design and production professionals specialize in publication design. We create several publications for government agencies, associations, and nonprofits to help build their relationships through custom magazines, journals, annual reports, directories, and newsletters.

  • 508 COMPLIANCE. TalentMEDIA makes the remediation process simple. Our 508 experts know how to deliver your content so that it is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Our 508 remediation services are compliant, consistent, and affordable
  • WEB SERVICES. TalentMEDIA’s web services provide a range of options that augment our clients’ current website staff resources, from minimal support all the way to a fully resourced turnkey program. With TalentMEDIA’s web services, you never need to worry about redesigns, aged functionality, or dead content.

For more information about TalentMEDIA, contact Tara Madison today at m , or call 410.309.8200.
Meet Sheila Gagen,
Director of Editorial Services
Sheila was born and raised in Southold, NY, a small beach town on the North Fork of Long Island. Living so close to the beach, she grew up with a love of seafood and the water. Her stories of clam bakes and lobster fests would make anyone hungry.

She is also an avid baseball fan who grew up loving the New York Mets. She can probably still name all the members of the 1986 World Series team! If you ever go to a baseball game with Sheila, you can expect to see her keeping score with her scorecard in one hand an ice-cold beer in the other.

Here’s fun fact many people do not know ...
Sheila is a twin! She is (technically) the oldest of five children. She’s got three sister s (one being her fraternal twin) and one younger brother. So, if you see her older sister tendencies come out, you’ll know why—being the oldest in a large family can do that to you!

Sheila is not only the Director of Editorial Services, she is also our veteran editor—she’s been with the TalentMEDIA team for over 13 years. She started as a temporary proofreader when TalentMEDIA was still part of EEI Communications and soon joined the full-time team as an editorial project manager.

She has a total of more than 20 years of experience managing multiphase, long-term, and quick-turnaround projects that include editing, proofreading, indexing, composition, and design. She graduated cum laude with a major in English from Mount Holyoke College and earned an MA in English from Georgetown University.

Sheila currently resides in Annapolis, MD, a great location for her to enjoy the water and go kayaking when the weather permits. It’s also the perfect place for her to practice her photography. In fact, she looks forward to every Memorial Day weekend when the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels practice their aerial show over Annapolis. It’s always a great opportunity for some awesome pictures. And now that she lives in the DC area, she’s adopted the Washington Nationals as her “new” home team. But don’t be fooled—she will always remain loyal to her New York Mets and root for them as her “original” home team.
Our Blog: Talent Talk
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As 2017 comes to a close, we want to thank you for being our loyal customers!
As much as you appreciate the work we do for you, we appreciate the awesome customers we get to work with every day! We look forward to a wonderful 2018!

—Communications editor at a global television channel 

It has been my pleasure to work with Vector TalentMEDIA. The TalentMEDIA team currently provides services in editing, graphic design, text layout, proofreading, e-book conversion, and other pre-production processes for a quarterly magazine and three textbooks (ranging from 200 to 450 pages) on a regular basis. Their work is consistently excellent, from their sensible suggestions to manage process to the high-quality products they deliver; additionally, they are lovely people who are consistently very understanding when the client fails to meet deadlines and will always push to meet theirs, regardless.
—Sheila Costa, Director of Special Projects, Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine

My experience with Vector has been very gratifying. I’ve felt very much supported and prepared when it came time to interview. I’ve always been able to get a hold of Maria, my Vector recruiter, for any questions (day or night!).
—Valerie, Vector Talent candidate hired by national healthcare client

I’ve never been to a recruiting firm with such a warm atmosphere and an emphasis on right placement for both the person and the company. Even if my placement doesn’t come through, I am thrilled to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with Vector on my next opportunity.
—Amelia, Vector Talent candidate

Your publications team made it possible for our event to be a huge success. All of our publications were picked up by the attendees. The  Survey  is gaining press from  NY Times USA Today  and  Bloomberg News . We could not have done it without your team working around the clock on all of the 50+ project materials. Thank you so much and it’s great to work with such a productive crew!
—Jordan Green, MS, AARP Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives
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