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From the Corner Office
By Marc Berman, President and CEO

It’s hard to believe that I just celebrated my fifth year with Vector! Since our re-branding two years ago, along with a couple of business acquisitions, our human capital firm continues to grow at a staggering, but comfortable pace in all our business segments: Staffing and Outsourcing Services.
We have almost doubled our internal staff approaching 30 full-time employees. Even though we opened a new office location in Maryland, we are quickly running out of space and are in negotiations to double the office in our Tysons Corner, Virginia headquarters. 

We have organized a strong executive team and are working extremely hard to tackle new challenges to take Vector to the next level of growth. We are focusing on leveraging our relationships to expand our services across current and future client organizations.
Our contingency staffing team, TalentFLEX and TalentAIM, remain consistent and our two outsourcing service teams, TalentRELAY and TalentMEDIA, have experienced explosive growth over the last two quarters.

TalentMEDIA, providing outsourced media services, thrives by servicing their long-time client base and just wrapped up a massive, annual project resulting in amazing quarter results. Additionally, we invested in moving our social media/marketing needs in-house with this team to have greater flexibility and creativity to deliver the finest content to our followers and clients.

With TalentFIT and TalentMEDIA, we have leveraged our health communications and recruiting marketing abilities to become a viable client offering.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team, TalentRELAY, is setting company records and is currently recruiting over 500 staff per month. In addition, we are providing client consultation on process improvements. Through hard work and dedication, we developed a world-class internal recruiting process and reshaped a billion-dollar organization to optimal staffing levels and even saved a major project for our client!

Overall, Vector Talent Resources has become a strategic and valued source to solve business challenges with our varied talent offerings. Whether the need is to attract, identify, and secure the talent or to communicate with and develop the talent, we have a solution.
Our Blog: Talent Talk
Each Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday, our Talent teams publish blogs 
for our three brands—TalentMEDIA, Vector Talent Resources, and TalentFIT.
Do a simple online search about what recruiters are looking for in a resume and you’ll come across site after site explaining that, no matter what the content, it had better catch the recruiter’s eye in six seconds or it won't matter. ... READ MORE
In the article “ How One Word Nearly Killed the Climate Deal ,”  The Washington Post  covered an instance of how a single typo could have had dire consequences for the entire planet. Literally.

The typo was noticed by U.S. officials as they reviewed the then-final draft of the climate accord only hours before the final vote: The word “should” had been changed to “shall.” Secretary of State John F. Kerry told French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, “Either it changes, or President Obama and the United States will not be able to support this agreement.” ... READ MORE
Not sure if you have heard, but cauliflower in all its forms (rice, bread, and just the plain old vegetable) has become the new “it” food.

The popularity began with folks on the paleo diet. ... READ MORE
Check out what our clients are saying!

The AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI)—the “think tank” for AARP composed of more than 60 staff members, a large number of which are thought leaders and subject matter experts—has been working with Vector TalentMEDIA's team for several years. Vector has become one of PPI’s most trusted business partners. Vector’s review and imprint is on virtually every piece of content that PPI publishes. For years we have worked closely with the company, relying on its staff for editorial support (copyediting and more extensive editing) and graphic design services (layout, design, formatting, etc.). We work with Vector on almost a daily basis, having already produced approximately 139 publications in 2017 alone. Vector to a large extent can be credited with accurate implementation of PPI’s brand and the “look and feel” of our publications. It has created all of our publication templates. Vector comes through when we need their support for long-term projects as well as during stressful stretches when we demand quick turnaround during “emergencies” that arise. 
—Carl Levesque, AARP Senior Editor and Writer

The team is tremendously supportive of candidates and does a fantastic job ushering them through the recruiting process from first contact well past placement. As a client, I've been extremely impressed with their determination even in the face of some challenging staffing needs. Their superior service makes my job so much easier!
Elizabeth, client and former Vector candidate

Your editorial team patiently refined and polished our work, making our words reflect our ideas in an approachable way. 
—Executive at Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood

This frazzled, far-behind editor with little chance of actually making her print date has tears in her eyes after reviewing these pieces that she simply did not have time to edit. You didn’t edit them, you transformed them. I will be able to send this entire package of articles to the designer tomorrow and actually FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT I’M SENDING/PUBLISHING. I would have paid you out of my own pocket if I had to. And it would have been worth it. Please convey my extreme thanks to the person or people who worked on this. I am so very grateful. You rock. 
—Content Manager, Sidwell Friends

Vector has turned into my go-to source for a variety of position types. At first, it was an unusual creative position. Then, it was a finance position, coordinated with one of their business partners, and then HR. They have proven themselves to be a well-rounded search firm that can deliver quality with a tight timeframe.
Julie, client
Vector's latest venture is a solution curated to meet health improvement goals of staff and employers, respectively, and is catered to fit a variety of budgets.

  • Wellness Directors coordinate with a wide network of healthcare, wellness, and professional development providers to assess, design, engage, track, and communicate custom wellness plans.

  • Participants have access to a custom Wellness Portal, BeTalentFIT, that enables them to load biometric data to receive custom-tailored wellness content; create self-managed wellness action plans; sync wearables and track wellness progress; participate in individual and group wellness challenges; register for wellness workshops; and receive recognition with customized wellness points.

  • Employers have access to aggregated data to include risk factors, participation, and outcomes; customized programs to include challenges and reward points; marketing/monitoring of wellness workshops;peace-of-mind knowing workforce has access to wellness options;sole-sourced management of diverse wellness services; and upgrade ability to customized employer portal promoting health plan annually-covered services, health risk assessments and preventative care plans.

For more information,
contact a TalentFIT Wellness Consultant
today at or
call 703.639.2160
Meet Courtney Hejl,
Director of Talent Services
I was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, and have lived here for most of my life. I attended the University of Maryland–College Park (UMCP), majoring in journalism with a focus in public relations and marketing, and graduating with a degree in communications.

Two of my favorite hobbies are dancing and traveling. While at UMCP, I was on the dance team—I’m a great dancer! When I travel I like to discover new towns and tourist attractions. I also have two dogs, so I spend a lot time with them.

I’ve known Marc Berman for five years; he’s not only a great boss but a great friend. I started with Vector in July 2016, originally brought on to be an account manager and later promoted to account executive. I am currently the director of talent services; my day-to-day role as a client services rep involves constantly working with HR, hiring managers, CEOs, and pretty much anyone from any company that needs to fill a positon. I learn about the company’s culture and what skills set it needs so I can find the perfect candidate.

What I enjoy most about working for Vector is the people! We have a great staff; we work well together. It’s very family-oriented. And I love the opportunities, the people I get to meet, the networking, etc. It’s really cool at the end of the day when you receive an e-mail from a client about that great candidate or from people you interviewed who love their new positions.

In my short tenure here, what I’ve gained most from Vector is the knowledge of how to work with and understand people from all walks of life. And I’ve learned how to put on multiple hats at one time to excel at my job.

For the future of Vector Talent, I would like to see an abundance of success! We’re experiencing exponential growth. With the staff we have in place, the energy, the mental strength, and everything else I mentioned, I believe this is just the beginning of Vector’s growth throughout the DMV region.
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