November 2017
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TalentNEO Learning Network
In October, the TalentNEO Learning Network highlighted the work of the last two years and celebrated milestones along the way. You can watch the webinar online.

Thank you to all TalentNEO partners who made this project possible, including Towards Employment, MAGNET, RITE Board, The Literacy Cooperative, ConxusNEO, and Project Learn.

This month the Learning Network will highlight the Outcomes of the two-year TalentNEO Demonstration Project. Join us on November 17th at 9:00am. New sign-up information will follow soon.
Skills on the Road
In early October, TalentNEO partners participated in the National Skills Coalition's Skills in the States Forum in Nashville. Participants talked with colleagues from across the country about opportunities to improve state policy for workforce development - including skills-based hiring.

On October 31st, TalentNEO was spotlighted as part of One Direction, a convening of workforce leaders and stakeholders in Cuyahoga County. View the presentations online.

At the Ohio Manufacturers Association's Workforce Summit on 11/1/17, a new workforce recruitment campaign was announced. Read more in the Columbus Business Journal. At the event, when asked about skills-based hiring, Governor Kasich said
"there have to be multiple paths to jobs!"

Interested in skills-based job opportunities or training programs?

Visit the TalentNEO website for more information on who is hiring based on skills and which training programs are recruiting for students based upon skill scores.

These pages will be updated as new opportunities arise. If you'd like your job opening or training program listed, please email .

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