August 2016


Champions Skating for the Cure on June 25, 2016 was a delightful and exciting event. Watching ten of these very talented young skaters perform individual routines was most enjoyable. Also performing was the Silicon Valley Ice Theatre and the San Francisco Ice Theatre two groups with twenty skaters each executing their precision dance routine.  It was a joy to watch these very accomplished young people sharing their talents with us as they skated for a cure. 
                                                       Until Next Time,

Thanks to Amanda Koong for organizing this wonderful event as well as to all of the young skaters who performed. They not only met, but exceeded, their goal of raising $10,000.00 for cancer research. 

T hese gifts were given from over sixty different contributors from around the country. We thank each you for your support of these young skaters and for supporting cancer research through My Blue Dots.

Please remember us when you shop on Amazon. Your shopping experience will be the same only Amazon will give a percentage of your total to My Blue Dots. We thank you in advance for your support.

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