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If you like good sword-and-sorcery fiction—and if you're getting this newsletter, we're betting you do—then you'll be thrilled to discover the fourth issue of Tales From The Magician's Skull is now available for pre-order! Add to that news about us needing Pit Crew for Gen Con 2020, TWO great Adventures in Fiction, and a reminder that Goodman Games will be at TWO conventions this weeked, and you've got a great issue already.

Exclusive for the newsletter this week, Doug Kovacs took time to tell us about the upcoming Hobonomicon #2, and we've got that information for you. We've also got the latest on not just two third-party DCC Kickstarters, but also the Tales From The Magician's Skull Kickstarter and The Cthulhu Alphabet Kickstarter!

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Tales From The Magician’s Skull  is a fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are the real thing, crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters — and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace towards their conclusion!

And now you can look forward to the fourth issue of this hit magazine! That’s right, we have opened up pre-orders on  Tales From The Magician’s Skull #4 !

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Let’s go over the details on the upcoming fourth issue.
Here is the material in the fourth issue:

Guardian of the Broken Gem  by John C. Hocking
Benhus wondered what he could expect if they took him alive. Torture and interrogation, probably. They’d pry the fact that he worked for the King from him and that would seal his death warrant. He squeezed the hilt of the white dagger and wondered how many of them he could kill before they took him down.

On Death Seed Island  by Adrian Cole
The cloud writhed gently, as if shifting in a breeze, though the air in the grove was very still. In a moment it had formed itself into a distinctive shape and the men drew back in alarm. It was a human figure, hunched, its face a blur, save for the eyes and mouth.

Masks of Silence  by James Enge
The glass cages were full of… things. Not people, but parts of people. They were moving—they were alive: meaty throbbing hearts, shiny pulsating strips of liver, fingers crawling like inchworms, feet flopping like fish. “There is a part of hell that’s supposed to be like this,” Deor remarked.

Cage of Honor  by James Stoddard
Without hesitation, he sent his knife whistling through the air, striking the witch full in the throat. Ignoring her, he caught the woman in his arms, and she was everything to him all at once, everything he ever wanted.

The Witch’s Hound  by C. L. Werner
In a burst of supernatural speed, the dog-ape lunged at Oba. It drove its hairy body beneath the sweep of his sword and drove its shoulder into his midriff in a maneuver that was more tackle than pounce. The samurai was knocked back, sent sprawling on the ground.

The Dead Queen’s Triumph  by Ryan Harvey
“You—don’t yet believe—that I am your queen.” The tongue moved freer as the abomination became used to speaking. “For long, I forgot that I was as well. But I am royal blood still. See?” One of the manipulated arms placed its hand over a flap on the chest cylinder. Fingers gripped the sides and pulled it open.

Thieves of the Fallen World  by Tom Doyle
We’d taken these unearthly glowing gems and blades of cold flame from beings who (at best) weren’t quite human. These trophies were still puissant for ill, and a captured battle lance twitched at me like a living bug impaled on a pin. You shouldn’t be keeping such things, sire.

Apedamak’s Army  by Milton Davis
Garang had made a mistake. He crouched as he walked backwards to the hut, hoping the beasts did not see him. He was halfway to the hut when the last beast spotted him and changed directions, shrieking at him as it attacked.

Appendix: Game Statistics  by Terry Olson
In each issue, we present an appendix of game statistics for the various creatures, spells, and items described in each issue. All of these stats are for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game system.

Don’t miss out! You can ensure getting all this great material now, by  pre-ordering a copy of Tales From The Magician’s Skull #4 , shipping in early April!
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Newsletter Exclusive
Hello, human sacrifices! Er, I mean, Kickstarter backers!

This is the Skull's newly promoted intern and fourth-from-last-to-be-immolated assistant here to tell you that  Tales From The Magician's Skull #4   has been posted to BackerKit. 

This is the preview edition. That means we are pretty sure we got all the typos out, but we want to allow time for your perspicacious eyes to review it before we send it to the printer. If you find any typos, let us know using the Stomp The Typo tool (located on our website). In two weeks we will incorporate any edits you have before we send to the printer.

Kickstarter backers can find Tales From The Magician's Skull #4 preview edition by logging into BackerKit and checking the Downloads section. If you have any issues getting your download, feel free to contact us .
Just a short update to let you know that the bulk delivery of The Cthulhu Alphabet has arrived from the printer! 

Everything appears to be in order, and we're preparing to ship soon. We'll post updates once the books start moving.

In case you missed it, you can see photographs of the physical samples in  this prior update .
February is Zinequest month! And Dungeon Crawl Classics is reaping the benefit of this promotion! There are FOUR DCC Kickstarters currently going, giving you a variety of choices to enhance your campaign.

Below is text taken directly from the Kickstarter campaign. We encourage you to go check out each and every one of them!
 A Zine Full of Monsters for Dungeon Crawl Classics !
Q: What are those?
A: Them’s monsters!

In 2018, Joshua L.H. Burnett put together a manga-sized zine called  Them’s Monsters!   that was passed out to people he met at Gencon. The zine was a collection of various monsters for the  Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.  He's never officially published  Them’s Monsters!, and that original print-run of 50 was all the world had even seen of it.

But now Zinequest 2 provides the opportunity and excuse to share  Them’s Monsters!  with the wider world! The Zinequest version of  T hem’s Monsters!  includes the original 10 monsters, several new ones, as well as new and improved art.

Those Monsters...
  • Carrion Knight
  • Cleric Lick Monster
  • Cybersnail
  • Eyeless Dead
  • Humababa
  • Iron Medusa
  • Millennium Tortoise
  • Muldasynkovi
  • Pumpkin Knight
  • Sanity Assassin
  • Sludge Dwarf
  • Sludge Golem
  • Terrible Infant
  • Weremoose
And Also…
  • The Dungle, a new DCC class of hardy little beetle people.
  • A never-before seen Moonblossom & Chance comic.

While the original  Them’s Monsters!   was manga-sized, the new version will be in the standard 8.5” x 5.5” zine format. In accordance with the Zinequest guidelines it will be printed in a single color.
 A DCC RPG Zinequest Zine !
The  Akashic Titan  zine serves as an introduction to the akashic titans, giant metal constructs powered by magic that soar across the endless void, traveling from world to world. In addition to giving an overview of the akashic titans, the zine provides a port city setting, Starnheim, that Judges can work into their  Dungeon Crawl Classics  games.

Part 1: Journey to Starnheim describes the rumors that might entice PCs to seek out a hidden market and some of their stops along the way.

Part 2: The Town of Starnheim gives an overview of a hidden market town, including some of the dangerous factions PCs may encounter there.

Part 3: Mount Starnheim describes the port where the akashic titans dock and the businesses located there.

Part 4: The Akashic Titans describes the workings of the akashic titans, including combat rules, an overview of the crew members’ responsibilities, and a sample titan.

Part 5: The Bands briefly describes the colored Bands that the akashic titans travel through in their journeys across reality.

Also included are new monsters (such as the  Stellar Squid  and  Living Constellation ), spells (such as  Access Akashic Library ), and, of course, random tables.
Newsletter Exclusive
We recently spoke with Doug Kovacs about the upcoming release of his weird and wonderful zine, Hobonomicon. Doug is well on the way to completing the second issue (which is the third issue by count, following #0 and #1), and he took a moment to tell us the following.

There is a lot of Hobonomicon #2 work that is still in progress. If all goes well, Doug will have the new issue ready for Garycon. The main content—in addition to Death of a Reaver, the comic, and the new Stefan Poag comic called Never Trust A Wizard—is called Verses of Natraz, which is mostly spells and a couple other things in the guise of the writings of a wizard who once possessed the Hobonomicon. 

A number of artists are contributing to the second issue, including Shel Khan (By Crom!), Carmin Vance, and Steve Gomez (who helped out on #1). The spells are written by Terry Olson, Harley Stroh, and Forest Aguirre—along with Doug and Stefan and Wayne. 

Doug related one of the best stories about this issue as the following: “I asked Jeff Easley if he would be interested in doing some work for the Hobonomicon and sorta re-explained to him the concept behind DCC and the retro 70's feel, and he went and found a piece he had started before being hired by TSR, and then finished for issue #2. I had Wayne write something related to the theme and we used as an introductory piece for Verses of Natraz."

So look for the second volume of Hobonomicon to head your way soon! In the meantime, check out some of the artwork below, graciously provided by Doug for us to use here! (Click on the image for a larger version.)
Are you in the Morristown, New Jersey area? Well, you are in luck! Goodman Games is making its inaugural debut at  Dreamation . The convention is being held at the Hyatt Regency Morristown & Conference Center. We will have a fully stocked booth, some come on by and say hi to Jim Crocker at the Jim Loves Games booth and see what all the goodies.

Not able to come out and see us in New Jersey? Well, you are in luck as we are also attending another convention. Come on out to  ConNooga  located at The Chattanooga Convention Center & Chattanoogan Hotel in Chattanooga, TN.

Our own Pandabrett and our newest booth rep, Susan Murphy, will be on hand for all your Goodman Games needs. They will have the latest products and some things that you can’t find anywhere else. And maybe even a new surprise or two…
Earlier  we announced Return to the Starless Sea , our 2020 Gen Con DCC RPG Team Tournament which will seat more than 500 players—our biggest one yet!

That’s a lot of people. A whole lot. And to help manage this huge tournament, we need Pit Crew—and YOU can be one of them!

Always wanted to be part of the Goodman Gang, but not ready to actually judge a game at Gen Con? Then the Pit Crew might be for you. We’re looking for friendly, enthusiastic volunteers who will work one or more 4-hour shifts. The duties revolve around supporting the tournament administration: seating players at tables, keeping track of event tickets, processing scoring sheets, and other such things. You won’t actually judge the game but you’ll get a ground-floor view of all the action and excitement. And you’ll be part of making our huge tournament actually happen!

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please get in touch!  E-mail Taco Jon  and he can provide more info.
by Jim Wampler
Famed fantasy and science fiction author Andre Norton was born on February 17, 1912. Join us, as we celebrate her birthday by taking a look at her works and their influences on both adventure gaming and genre fiction.

Born as Alice Mary Norton in 1912, Norton started writing while she was still in high school in Cleveland, Ohio. In fact, she completed her first novel while still attending high school, though it was not published until later in 1938. Wishing to pursue writing as a career, in 1934 she had her name legally changed to Andre Alice Norton, and adopted several male-sounding pen names so as to prevent her gender from becoming an obstacle to sales in the first market she wrote for: young boys literature.

Until becoming a full-time writer in 1958, Norton plied many book-related trades to support herself, from working as a special librarian at the Library of Congress, owning and operating a book store, to working as a reader for small press science fiction publishers in New York City...
by Michael Curtis
Margaret St. Clair was born on February 17, 1911. Her work appears in Gary Gygax’s Appendix N, and is important for lending a crucial concept to the  D&D  game: the idea of dungeon levels. Here is Michael Curtis with more information on this important writer.

The titles and authors appearing on the Appendix N list are varied. Some are fantasy, others science fiction, and they range in time period from works contemporary to when Gygax was designing  D&D  to much earlier stories. While some of the Appendix N authors’ contribution to fantasy role-playing are obvious, not all lend themselves to easy discovery.

One such example of the occluded contributions to the hobby is the subject of this column, the author Margaret St. Clair. Two of St. Clair’s works are specifically named in Appendix N and this column focuses on one of them,  The Sign of the Labrys . This novel, like its Appendix N companion,  The Shadow People , had a subtle influence on  D&D , one which lingers to this day in that and other fantasy RPG titles...
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