Franklin Boulevard Business Association                                                                                             Spring 2016 Newsletter
Tales from the Trail
  In This Issue:
  • New Board Members Needed!
  • 30th Anniversary Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon
  • Big changes in the district; New brand, new banners!
  •  Message from the Executive Director
Announcement: Association Needs New Board Members!

The Franklin Boulevard Business Association (FBBA) is currently soliciting applications for the FBBA Board of Directors from Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID) and/or Business Improvement Area (BIA) members.

With the April Board of Director elections complete, there are currently a maximum of three open positions on the Board. Of these three open positions, the Board of Directors is soliciting at least one property owner or representative of a property owner from the Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID) and one to two board members that are either a PBID member and/or a business owner in the district.

Please contact Marti Brown, Association Executive Director, for more information and to obtain an application at 916-455-2124 or

Deadline for applications is Friday, June 17.  Please submit to the FBBA office at 5383 Franklin Boulevard, Suite C or via email at

“Have you ever wondered why the Association re-branded the district or why we’re preparing for a new streetscape? Join the Franklin Boulevard Business Association Board of Directors and learn more. Contribute your great ideas and help make the district better than  ever!”

~ Mike Bokan,
Association President
& Owner, Bokan Bros.  

30th Anniversary Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon

“It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors for the past 20 plus years. Franklin is the last frontier for small business, so we all need to get involved and ensure its future success!”

~ Bob Rich,
Immediate Past Association
Board Member &
District Property Owner

With the unveiling of the new business district banners, this year’s Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon was another huge success.

Opening remarks were made by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. The keynote speaker was former State Senator and Mayoral Candidate Darrell Steinberg. He focused his speech on how government needs to develop better strategies for supporting small businesses especially in older commercial corridors like Franklin Boulevard and its surround areas.

Sacramento City Councilmember Jay Schenirer presented the City of Sacramento’s resolution recognizing Franklin Boulevard as The Historic Monterey Trail during Mexican-California era (1821-1847).

Both Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna and Councilmember Jay Schenirer also presented County and City proclamations to former Association Board Member Bob Rich for more than a decade of service to the Association Board of Directors.

Frank Cable, Association Secretary and former President concluded the day’s event with closing remarks and reflections on the Association’s accomplishments over the past 30 years.

Special “thank you” to La Familia Counseling Center for donating the space for the meeting and La Esperanza Catering for the lunch.  

Assemblymember  Kevin McCarty
Councilmember Jay Schenirer
L to R: Supervisor Phil Serna,
Marti Brown and Lisa Nava
L to R: Mayoral Candidate and
former State Senator Darrell Steinberg and
Association Vice-President Jorge Placensia
L to R: Mamie Yee, Association Board Member Bob Rich, former Councilmember
Lauren Hammond and Rosanna Herber
L to R: Association Board Members Aniceto Balingit and Linda Avalos, former Supervisor Jimmie Yee, John Avalos and Michael Avalos
L to R: Armando Conejo, former Board Member Lorna Worthington and Hung Banh
L to R: Andrea Medina and Debra Wynne
L to R: Association Board Member Aniceto Balingit, former Association Executive Director Kathy Tescher, Association Treasurer Connie Herrera and former Board Member
Lorna Worthington
L to R: Association Board President Mike Bokan, Former Councilmember Lauren Hammond, and Association Secretary Frank Cable
Big Changes in the District; New Brand, New Banners!  

On March 29, 2016, the Association officially rebranded the district from the “North Franklin District” to “The Historic Monterey Trail District.”

Recent research revealed that Franklin Boulevard was once the Monterey Trail between Sutter’s Fort and Monterey during the era of Mexican-California (1821-1847).

The Association realized that this was a great opportunity to tell a different tale about the business district; share part of its rich cultural past; help redefine its identity; and hopefully, recapture the imagination of potential shoppers and diners throughout the region.

For more information, check out the new website:  

Message from the Executive Director

Spring Greetings:                                                     

It’s been a busy winter and spring and we expect it to continue throughout the year. In addition to new street banners as part of the Association’s rebranding efforts, new signs on the trash cans as well as district vehicles are being installed; social media efforts promoting the district have been intensified; we’ve hired a research intern to help tell the Trail’s story via video and a promotional brochure about the district. Over the next few months, new websites will be completed for both the Franklin Boulevard Business Association and The Historic Monterey Trail District. Stay tuned!

As part of our social media efforts, we want to promote your businesses and the district on Facebook and Twitter. Please email us your business promotions, any special announcements, photos of your business, leads on any new businesses opening up, and any relevant district news so that we can better promote all the wonderful businesses that are in the district!

Lastly, starting with the summer newsletter, the Association will be moving entirely to an electronic format. Hard copy newsletters will be available in the Association office upon request only. Thanks!