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September 2015                     Issue 20 

ALWI Secures Increased MDE Water Appropriation for City of Westminster 
The drought of 2002 underscored limitations in The City of Westminster's (City) sustainable water supply capacity.  Since then ALWI has aided the City's ongoing efforts to identify, develop, test and permit additional water sources. In this connection and earlier this year, we were engaged to support the City's plans to increase withdrawals from  existing Production Well Nos. 1 and 2.

The former Wakefield Valley Golf Club, now-closed, held a MDE Water Appropriation Permit. At our recommendation, the City applied for the unused Golf Club appropriation to be reassigned for municipal use.  To effectuate this groundwater reallocation, MDE required the City to assess whether doing so would adversely affect local groundwater users or regional water resources. MDE agreed with our assessment that no unreasonable impacts were foreseeable and issued the permit in the quantities we requested.  

While other water source development efforts on behalf of the City continue, we are pleased to have been able to support this latest step toward sustainable water source sufficiency for this growing Maryland municipality.
Benefits of Exemptions From Industrial Discharge Permits  

Many industrial facilities are required to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permit for stormwater discharge associated with industrial activity (in Maryland it is referred to as a 12-SW permit).  


We at ALWI have successfully completed multiple No Exposure Certification (NEC) projects for clients with industrial practices that qualify for exemption from the NPDES permit requirements. NEC is a special provision for industries with industrial materials and activities that are sheltered and/or protected from exposure to precipitation and stormwater runoff. Compliance with NPDES permit requirements, including development and management of a stormwater pollution prevention plan, is not required for facilities qualifying for NEC.


By definition, No Exposure means "... industrial materials and activities are protected by a storm-resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snowmelt and/or runoff." In other words, if stormwater discharged from a facility does not have the potential to be contaminated by contact with industrial materials and activities, the facility may qualify for a NEC and be exempt from the general permit.  Certification for NEC requires an independent exposure evaluation; facilities cannot self-certify. 

One recent ALWI NEC project entailed a facility that had been covered under a general NPDES stormwater permit issued to the previous owner. Rather than reapply for a discharge permit, 

ALWI supported the new owner's NEC application by first performing an initial site assessment and identifying potential NEC disqualification conditions.  


Following the owner's remedial actions based on our recommendations, we then re-assessed the site and completed the NEC application documents, which MDE subsequently accepted. Over the coming few  years, the facility owner will save thousands in unnecessary compliance expenses as a consequence. 

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New Employee:  


ALWI is pleased to announce that Ms. Tally Johnstone has accepted a full-time position as Office Manager. She joined us mid-July.


Ms. Johnstone has a BS in Wildlife Fisheries from Frostburg State University. After many years of experience in various administrative and office managerial roles, she is excited to reenter the field of environmental science.


In her time away from ALWI, Ms. Johnstone coaches high school rugby, raises livestock and enjoys spending time on the water  and with her family.  


Amy M. Parrish, P.G., L.E.H.S. will present on Factors Influencing the Background Water Quality Assessment of Unconfined Aquifers, at the 24th Annual MDE Groundwater Symposium.  

We'll be at t he annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. For we geoscientists, the proximity of this event presents a special opportunity to learn, mentor and otherwise to give back to our profession.   
Mark W. Eisner , P.G., President, has been invited to speak at at December 10, 2015 continuing education seminar sponsored by Foxmoor Continuing Education.  The one-day seminar is entitled "Maryland Water Laws and Regulations."  A future Tales From the Trenches will detail the seminar agenda.  
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