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December 2014                            Issue 18

ALWI Successfully Completes MDE Source Water Protection Contract 
gas pump  

In late 2013, we completed a two-year contract by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to update and implement Source Water Protection Programs for 12 public groundwater supply systems across the state.  
Our successes with wellhead protection and source water assessment work qualified us for this competitively-awarded contract.

We delineated protection areas based on the latest hydrogeologic information, updated inventories of point-and non-point sources of contamination, and completed system-by-system evaluations of the susceptibility of their wells and springs to possible contamination.

We continue to support the participating systems as they implement source water protection measures.  Our reports, provided to each system and posted on the MDE web site, included detailed recommendations for implementing measures of ongoing protection.  In the months since the MDE contract concluded, several of the participating systems have contacted us regarding assistance with the specifics of source water protection implementation.      
ALWI Supports Father Martin's Ashley Expansion  


The Maryland Department of the Environment has issued a groundwater discharge permit to Father Martin's Ashley, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay near Havre de Grace in Harford County, Maryland. The permit allows treated wastewater discharge from a new, large septic system, needed to support a facility upgrade and to afford significantly enhanced Bay protection.     


To support issuance of the permit, we performed percolation tests of the soil, completed a detailed hydrogeologic evaluation of the unusually complex multi-layered aquifer system, collected baseline groundwater monitoring information and developed field data supportive of a conservative groundwater mounding analysis.  


We found that the planned level of effluent discharge could occur without undue groundwater mounding effects or violation of State water quality standards. MDE agreed and issued the permit in the quantities requested.

Did You Know?: New MDE Reporting Requirements for Contaminated Property

Recently we have seen MDE propose several new regulations and policies. Supporters hail these measures for their greater protection of the Chesapeake Bay and opponents decry their partisan motivations, particularly given their timing (passed in the "lame-duck" period of the O'Malley administration). We remain professionally non-partisan as to these regulations, but we do generally follow news of these developments, to help our clients understand their implication.

One of the recent regulatory changes was regarding reporting requirements for owners of property found to be contaminated. In this circumstance, we found the low chemical concentrations  requiring agency notification to be potentially onerous and to negatively impact the local commercial real estate industry. 

We contacted the agency both to praise them for adding much-needed certainty to previously confusing reporting requirements, but also to address amelioration of the specific conditions under which reporting will be required. 
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New Employee:

ALWI is pleased to announce that Mr. Christian Bruchman joined us earlier this year as our newest Staff  Scientist. Already he has integrally been  involved in supporting an ongoing ALWI evaluation considering a flooded quarry as a potential municipal water supply.
Earlier in 2014, Mr. Bruchman completed his B.S. in Geology at James Madison Univ. His academic studies concentrated on environmental engineering and subsurface geological and geophysical interpretations.
Mr. Bruchman is an avid runner and completed the Baltimore Marathon in 2014.
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