December 2022 | Issue #4
Happy Holidays from Talie Jane Interiors!

It's a Tahoe winter wonderland and it's absolutely beautiful! Love all of the snow...but not the delivery rescheduling that comes along with it.

I'm excited to announce that we've partnered with another cabinetry line, DeWils, in order to expand our semi-custom cabinetry offerings. Stay tuned to see its products come to life in our upcoming designs.

Plus, check out some of my favorite art pieces from a recent inspiration trip to Santa Fe.

Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy and beautifully designed 2023.

Talie Jane

Interior Design Trends - 2023: What You Need to Know

Post-Covid life trends are shifting but what does this mean? In short, increasingly people are moving away from the city to regional/rural areas, many are now working from home permanently. This has caused a desire to get back to nature, reduce stress level and encourage a positive mindset.
This shift has affected interior design; we are seeing a shift away from the “show-home” style in favor of a less-manufactured aesthetic. 2023 will be all about increasing convenience, comfort, and personal style.

Check out some of our favorite interior design predictions for next year.

Team Spotlight
Get to Know Us...Karly Michelle
Karly is a seasoned Associate Designer and has been with Talie Jane Interiors for almost four years. She loves drafting floor plans, excels in maximizing spatial layouts and shines in her sourcing.

We are honored to have Karly on our team for many reasons. Here's just one more: She recently designed a custom cowhide/leather art piece, an abstract horse, for a Client who owns and rides horses. Rick Mullen, Owner of the leather company, Keleen Leathers (KLAD), wrote a testimonial regarding her piece:

"I’d like to highly compliment you in the use of our KLAD. This truly takes us to another level of sophistication. We have surely done projects with such high-profile names as Peter Marino, David Rockwell, Kelly Wearstler, Nate Berkus, Michael Smith, etc. You challenged us with a level of creativity as no others have done."

Karly likes to explore the outdoors - camping and hiking with her boyfriend and adorable dog, Zana.
Talie's husband, Ryan is a realtor with Chase International and has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He and Talie Jane partner to provide complementary interior design services from Talie Jane Interiors, when you sell or purchase a home through Ryan. No other realtor is offering this type of benefit!

On a recent inspiration trip to the art gallery mecca Santa Fe, I fell in love with some amazing pieces. Reach out for dimensions and pricing if anything catches your eye.