February 2018
Eaton County Road Commission Releases List of 2018 Delta Township Projects

This year marks year four of 12 for the Eaton County Road Commission (ECRC) local road millage program . The County has submitted the following list of roads to be completed in Delta in 2018:

ECRC List of Delta Township Millage Projects

Road Segment

Road Segment
Addison, Maycroft to Robins

Honey Suckle, Park Meadows to its end
Apple Tree, Pepper Hill to Willow

Hoover Ave, Winifred to Colt Run
Arbor Vitae Dr, Wintergreen to St. Joe
Huckleberry, Broadbent to Firwood
Arden Rd, Maycroft to Willow
Juniper, Broadbent to Arbor Vitae
Aspen Dr, Snow to its end
Kingsgate Way, Crestline to Willow
Berner, Silver Ridge to its end
Lariat Ln, Harriet to Corral Path
Bretton, Elizabeth to Arden
Maycroft Rd, Elizabeth to Arden
Bronco, Colt to Lariat
Newberry, Carmel to Kingsgate
Camellia, Broadbent to Firwood
Opaline, end to end
Carmel Ln, Crestline to Silver Ridge
Park Meadows Dr, Elmshaven to Harriet
Chesley St, St. Joe to Park Meadows
Pepper Hill Dr, Willow to its end
Colt Run, Hoover to Corral Path
Scofield, Dundee to its end
Corral Path, Colt Run to Lariat
Seney, Dundee to its end
Cranberry, Chesley to its end
Silver Ridge Dr, S of Carmel to its end
Crescent Circle, Crescent Dr to its end
Soapstone, Willow Woods to Lindy
Crescent Dr, Kingsgate to its end
Stiefel, Winifred to Lariat
Crestline Dr, Dundee to Carmel
Wagon Wheel, Willow to attribute change
Dundee Dr, Willow to its end
Wild Flower, Chesley to its end
Firwood, Doe Pass to Wintergreen
Willow Woods Cir, Willow Woods to its end
Gull Cir, Gull to Gull
Willow Woods Ln, end to end
Gull Rd, Aspen to Pickton
Wintergreen St, Broadbent to Laurelwood
Harriet Ave, Park Meadows to Saginaw

For more information on the local millage program and a map of 2018 and historical projects, please visit: http://www.eatoncountyroad.com/projects/local-road-millage-program/2018-millage-projects-maps .
If you have additional questions or concerns about county roads, please contact the Eaton County Road Commission at (517) 543-1630 or visit http://www.eatoncountyroad.com/home.  

For concerns about Saginaw Highway, or other state highways (496, 96, 69) please contact: Michigan Department of Transportation at (517) 627-3276.
Annual Change of Assessment Notice
The Assessing Department will be mailing out the annual Change of Assessment Notices in late February.  The purpose of this change notice is to notify you of the proposed 2018 Assessed and Taxable Value of your property.  The Assessed Value represents 50% of the estimated Market Value, and the Taxable Value represents the amount your 2018 taxes will be based on.  Taxable Values for 2018 can not increase greater than the rate of inflation, unless you purchased your property in 2017 or have made physical improvements.  The inflation rate, expressed as a multiplier, to be used for 2018 is 1.021%.  If you have any questions regarding your change notice, please call the Assessing Department at 517-323-8520.
March Board of Review for Property Value Appeals
The purpose of the March Board of Review is to hear appeals regarding your property valuation.  If you plan to appear before the Board of Review, please be prepared to present evidence in support of your estimated market value. 

The 2018 Board of Review will meet in Room A, located on the second floor of the Delta Township Administration Building, 7710 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917 on the following dates: 
  • March 12 - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • March 13 - 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

If you wish to protest your value to the Board of Review, you must have an appointment. Please call 517-323-8520 for an appointment. 

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Update
In its efforts to provide safe, efficient, and enjoyable transportation alternatives, Delta Township continues to expand its network of sidewalks, multi-use pathways, and bicycle lanes that connect residents to the Township's businesses, schools, parks, and other community activity centers. In order to develop these facilities in an orderly manner, the Township relies on its Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP) for guidance. The Township's first NMTP was in 2005 and was updated in 2012. 
Since 2005, the Township has been successful in constructing several major segments of the projects identified in the aforementioned plans such as the East/West Pathway. In advancing future projects, there are significantly more physical and administrative complexities that need to be addressed, which require more detailed engineering and cost analyses. To this end the Township engaged the services of Rowe Professional Services Company to perform the 2018 update of the Delta Township Non-Motorized Transportation Plan.

Through the course of preparing the update, a number of opportunities for interested persons to provide their input were offered including focus groups, online public surveys, and a public open house. Rowe also met with various adjacent communities and agencies to identify opportunities for connections and coordination with non-motorized facilities in adjacent communities. 
Rowe completed a draft of the 2018 Delta Township Non-Motorized Transportation Plan in January. After a review period for adjacent agencies, a public hearing will be held by the Delta Township Planning Commission in late March or early April of 2018. This public hearing will afford another opportunity for interested persons to comment on the proposed plan. Upon adoption, the plan will guide future development of non-motorized facilities.

A draft of the 2018 Delta Township Non-Motorized Transportation Plan is available for viewing on the Township's website at www.deltami.gov. If you have any questions regarding the plan, please feel free to contact Gary Bozek in the Planning Department by phone at 517-323-8560 or via email at gbozek@deltami.gov.

Upcoming Non-Motorized  Projects

Project Description:
  • ½ mile pathway from Webster Road to Hunter's Orchard Park
Project Costs and Grants:
  • MDOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant of $416,705
  • DNR Trust Fund Grant $298,500
  • Estimated Township matching funds of $118,205
Project Timeline: Likely construction in summer of 2019

Project Description:
  • 2.5 miles of bike lanes on Old Lansing Road from Waverly Road to Lansing Road
  • Repaving of Old Lansing Road
Project Costs and Grants:
  • MDOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant of $305,000
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant $215,000
  • Eaton County Road Commission ($161,000) and Delta Township ($264,716) estimated costs pending final design. 
Project Timeline: Likely construction  summer of 2018



Project Description:
  • 10 foot wide shared use pathway connecting Ashford Manor and Pointe West subdivisions to the proposed Mount Hope Park development
Project Costs and Grants:
  • DNR Land and Water Conservation Fund grant $62,300
  • Estimated Township matching funds of $62,300 

Project Timeline: (Pending grant finalization) Likely construction in summer of 2018

Delta Township Annual Audit Underway
The Township is currently undergoing its annual financial statement  audit.  All municipalities in Michigan must follow state audit requirements. Delta Township's 2016 audit is available to view on our website here , and the 2017 report will be available on our website once it is published.  
The 2017 audit report will be completed and presented to the Township Board in the spring of 2018.  Delta Township has consistently had favorable audit reports which illustrate the importance the Township places on fiscal accountability and responsibility. 

Flooding Issues?
What to do if you experience flooding in your basement

Why it happens and what you can do about it

Homeowners are responsible for mitigating the circumstances of a flooded basement. One, often overlooked important step to take is to contact your homeowner's insurance company for guidance in what you can do. Also, contact Delta Township's Utility Department so that a township employee may assist you in determining the cause of the flooding. If it is determined the cause of the flooding is due to a problem with the sanitary sewer, the township's collection crew will identify the problem and alleviate the issue as soon as possible.

Contact Us
Phone: (517) 323-8570
Emergency/After Hours: (517) 323-8570
Water/Sewer Problems: (517) 323-8570

Sanitary Sewers and Storm Sewers (aka Storm Drains)
A sanitary sewer is for wastewater while a storm drain is for rain water. Sanitary sewers are the responsibility of Delta Township Utility Department to maintain, while storm drains are the responsibility of the Eaton County Drain Commissioner.  If you have flooding in a roadway call Eaton County Road Commission, if it is in some other outside location call the Eaton County Drain Commission.

Contact Information
Eaton County Road Commission
Phone number: (1-877-883-2866)

Eaton County Drain Commission
Phone number: (517) 485-3417 ext. 3809

Steps to help avoid flooding in your basement
Homeowners and residents of the township can make a difference, consider these items:
  • Sump pumps - have a backup plan: water assisted or battery backup
  • Install a check valve to help prevent the main sewer from backing up in your basement
  • Have your lateral line inspected by a plumber for potential blockages
  • Properly seal all cracks in basement walls and foundation
  • Regularly clean your roof's gutters and downspouts and drain as far from home as possible
Street or yard flooding caused by excessive rain may cause basement flooding:
Heavy rains can also lead to potential basement flooding. Some things to consider during or before a rain event:
  • Keep the nearest catch basins clear of debris
  • Control surface water around your home: lot grading, backfilling, and swales
  • Install and/or properly maintain weeping tiles
  • Reduce household water use during heavy rainfall
Pardon the Potholes

As the weather changes those pesky potholes begin to peak through, some in a not-so subtle way.  While we know potholes are a problem this time of year, the Eaton County Road Commission (ECRC) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) work hard to make sure their crews are out working to identify and correct problem areas, however, if you know of a specific location that needs some attention, please utilize their "Pothole Reporting Services (listed below).

MDOT Report a Pothole: 
Delta Offers Extended Hours Passport Drives

The Delta Township Clerk's Office accepts passport applications year around during regular office hours Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Clerk's Office will continue to offer passport drives during 2018.  One picture is required when submitting a passport application  (Form DS-11 ONLY) and can be obtained at the Clerk's Office for a $12.00 fee. If you are in need of a new passport, or to renew your existing passport, and find it difficult to get to our office during regular office hours mark your calendar.   The Clerk's Office will be open to accept passport applications (Form DS-11 ONLYon the following dates in 2018:
  • Saturday, May 5 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 4 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 12 - 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 20 - 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 2 - 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Please visit the U.S. Department of State website for documentation requirements, fees, and application at www.travel.state.gov
CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT OF PASSPORT APPLICATION FEES. THE APPLICATION FEE IS MAILED TO THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE WITH YOUR APPLICATION SO PAYMENT MUST BE IN THE FORM OF MONEY ORDER OR CHECK. Two payments will be required:  (1) Payable to the U.S. Department of State for processing of your passport, which must be in form of personal check or money order, and (2) Payable to Delta Township for pictures and service fee, which may be in the the form of a personal check, money order, cash, debit, or credit card.  Please call the Delta Township Clerk's Office at 323-8500 if you have any questions or require more information.

Upcoming Events:
  • Mother Son Dance - Join Delta Township Parks and Recreation for a night of fun on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 7-9 p.m.! The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Lansing West Hotel, 925 South Creyts Road. $10 Res; $12 Non-Res per person (no refunds after March 10)  Dance to your favorite tunes, enjoy refreshments, and leave at the end of the evening with a photo memento and a special surprise sponsored by Rainbow Child Care Center. The Mother Son Dance is open to all young men and the adult female of their choice.  A 5×7 photo will be taken at the dance. The photographers will begin taking pictures at approximately 5:30 p.m. If you have more than one child with you, you may choose to have one photo with each child or group photos. How to register: Register online by clicking here or call 323-8555. Please note fee is per person. Register now as space is limited. No ticket for entry is necessary as a list of registered participants will be at the door.  Please do not call the hotel except to make dinner reservations. Please note dinner is not included in the cost of the dance. Dinner reservations must be made by calling 391-1307. Payment for dinner must be made at the restaurant at the time of dinner. 
  • Easter Bunny Meet and Greet - The Easter Bunny will be visiting Delta Township on Wednesday, March 21, from 6-7 p.m. for a meet and greet with local children. Parents don't forget your camera and get a picture with the Easter Bunny. For questions or more information please call 323-8555. Sponsored by the Delta Township District Library and the Delta Township Parks and Recreation Department. This event will take place at the Delta Township District Library (5130 Davenport Drive) and is FREE - No registration required. 
  • Senior Council's Arbor Day Tree Planting will be held Saturday, April 21st at Grand Woods Park (rain date April 28th). Be a part of making our Delta Township parks environmentally green. We will be planting 100 trees. This year, a Girl Scout troop from Waverly will be assisting with the planting. Wear long pants, long sleeves and gloves. All equipment will be provided but if you have a favorite shovel, please bring it. Trees are less than a foot tall so planting will consist of making a shovel slit, putting the tree in, tapping the ground down with your foot and giving it a quart of water (provided). Each tree shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to plant. Meet at the parking lot by the picnic pavilion at 9:30 a.m. Planting will likely get underway at about 10 a.m. after driving back to the tree planting site.
  • Coffee with the Council Come join the Delta Senior Council for an informal gathering on March 14, 2018. Coffee with the Council will be held in the McLean Room at the Delta Township District Library at 10:30 a.m. You may bring your own coffee and snack if desired. We will explore the possibility of Breakfast with the Council at locations around the township. Specific information would be posted on our Facebook page.  
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The Eaton County Clerk's office and Treasurer's office is holding hours in the lower level of the Delta Township Administration Building. 

Please see the following schedule for days and times the satellite office will be open:

County Clerk
Holds hours every first and third Friday of each month 
from 9 a.m. to  1 p.m.

County Treasurer
Holds hours every second and fourth Friday of each month from  9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Delta Township Employees


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Parks & Recreation

Delta Township District Library Director

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Eaton Co. Sheriff's Department Delta Patrol
Delta Public Transportation Option  
EATRAN is a countywide open-door, curb-to-curb public transportation service offered in Eaton County.  

Click the map to view the service area.

Call to Schedule a ride at:
517-543-4087  -or-

Click here for more information.

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Overnight Parking Ordinance Reminder

Please note that no person shall park any vehicle, including a vehicle used for commercial or recreational purposes, or any trailer on either side of any highway, freeway, street, or roadway located within the township between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day.

A person who violates the ordinance will receive a municipal civil infraction. The civil fine will be set from time to time by the township board by resolution.

Interested in Applying for a Facade Improvement Grant for Your Business?

Businesses along the east end of the Saginaw corridor (Waverly to Elmwood) will now have an opportunity to apply for some financial assistance from a facade improvement program offered and funded by the Delta Township Economic Development Corporation. 
This program is part of an effort by the Township's EDC to improve the aesthetics of building fronts along areas of the Saginaw corridor that have aged and/or fallen into disrepair and encourage improvements.  
The Delta Township Economic Development Corporation meets quarterly and works to improve economic development in Delta.  If you have any questions about this program, please call Economic Development Coordinator Ed Reed at 517-323-8560. 
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