Wit and Wisdom 203 | January 2018
Your Invitation
Talk to me about training to be a life coach
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Have you got Jan-ennui?

Are your New Year plans and resolutions looking about as likely a reality as Donald Trump discovering his self awareness gene?

If life both inside and out feels about as tempting as cold porridge and you want colour, energy and a glide back in your stride you may need a large dose of this to back up your immunity and put that pep in your step.
If you have ever felt you had a calling, a passion and purpose that couldn't find a voice or a desire to make a difference to the world then train to be a life coach at Pure Coaching Academy.

We do things differently at Pure. You will learn the deeply powerful tools and techniques to help develop and change lives whilst simultaneously reaching your own potential. Life suddenly takes a massive upgrade; you really will never look back.
There are no tiresome essays, tick boxes or lengthy dissertations but a highly experiential 8 week course where you develop into a confident world class coach and meet amazing fellow students who will be part of your community and growing Pure alumni.

Unlike other academies you will learn how to set up your business, find your niche, price your programmes and learn how to get and keep amazing clients with our ninja marketing techniques that guarantee success as you get paid to be YOU!

You will be trained by the UK's top coaches with a proven track record of success and your life will never been the same again. The only way is up!

The accredited course is conveniently held on Saturdays in a gorgeous central London location (from 10am-3pm) and next term starts on Saturday 24 th February.

It's time to believe you can and take the next step.
Who Are You?
You are already talented and possessed with great empathy and a desire to be of service to others. You are naturally the go-to guy/gal that is adept at helping other people sort their lives out and steer them on their best paths. You are interested in personal development and making the most of this incredible journey called life.

Is there already, as you are reading this, a small fire starting in your belly or the voice of your intuition whispering “tell me more!”? 

Then read on and find out more.

Your Invitation

You are invited to join me on a live webinar on Wednesday 7 th February at 7.30pm.

No hard sales just your chance to ask me all the questions you may have about training to be a life coach. It's a big and thrilling decision and I am sure you will have lots of questions.  I will share my incredible 16 year journey, explain how coaching works, what money you can make from it and show you why the market is not flooded.
It's entirely free, and you can register here.

This is the time to stop wishing things were better but time to make it an exciting reality.  I do so hope you can join me
Here's what the our last graduates said about Pure.
Spark Networking Events
Network in a new way.

You are invited to the launch of a hot new evening networking event. Join us at Spark on Tuesday 13 th February 7pm - 9pm and meet exciting new people. Career professionals, creatives, media folk, entrepreneurs or folk like you looking for a thrilling new social gathering that could elevate your life, career or business. 

Book now.
Fabulous Women, Marvellous Men
Mayfair - 31 January 2018
How would you like to join a popular networking event that I hold monthly in Mayfair? The cost of the meeting is just £10 for both members and non-members. All visitors are welcome!

There will be the usual one minute pitch where you get to tell us what you do and what you’re looking for, a coaching session for all and the chance to meet with some truly amazing and exciting business folk.

So I can give the venue an idea of numbers, please  CLICK HERE and press the YES, I'm attending button.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information, or if you have any questions. You can email me at caroleann@realcoachingco.com.
Thought of the week
Take it easy - but take it.

Your coach
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Carole Ann is an award winning journalist, media consultant and high profile coach, with over 10 years' coaching experience with private clients and major organisations such as the London School of Economics and Play England. She's co-written two books, Start Your Dream Business and Find Your Dream Job which are available from Amazon.

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