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As you know by now, we have a new Archbishop, Bernard A. Hebda, and by almost all indications, he is already being the leader we need.  CCCR-Council of the Baptized welcomes him heartily.  We want to work with him on this baptismal mission we are heart and soul engaged in.   Come show support at his installation at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Friday, May 13, 2:00 p.m.   

We told you in March about the April 12 Open Forum of the Council of the Baptized.  Well, it happened Tuesday evening. The Pastoral Recommendations Project asked people for ideas for recommendations.   There was lots of energy in the discussions of what we need as a local church to move forward.  Fifty-four people crowded into Room 100 at  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, dividing into groups according to interest--social justice, personal growth, governance, liturgy, servant leader formation, and healing.  Each table came up with new or refined ideas. 

Our final document will include brief stories of Catholics' experiences of their church. People had an opportunity to contribute a story at a separate table.  See photos on the Facebook page for Catholic Coalition for Church Reform-Council of the Baptized:  

Everyone seemed satisfied with the parish life in the parishes represented at the Forum.  Are there any ways that your parish could be more supportive to you and your family?  What do you think of the idea of lay parish- life coordinators, so that the community can go on in the absence of a pastor?  Sometimes the parish secretary fills that role.  She/he calls sacramental ministers for weekend liturgy.  Is that working?  If there are recommendations to be made, we should make them now.

We welcome your input.  Tell us what you think by emailing .  Some specific recommendations under the above area headings are listed on the website under Pastoral Recommendations Project, Report. .  

Council of the Baptized Open Forum--May 10, 2016
Under "servant leader formation" we have focused on the formation of priests. On May 10, Carol Tauer and Mary Ellen Jordan will present information they have researched and recommendations they have for improvement:  
What's Right and Wrong at the Seminary?
While Catholics of the archdiocese are justifiably proud of the historical contributions of their seminary, in recent years concerns have been raised. At the Listening Sessions chaired by Archbishop Hebda, both religious and lay Catholics expressed concern regarding the training currently provided to future ordained ministers. As part of the Pastoral Recommendations Project, we have been gathering information and inviting proposals for change.

"Talk to Your Pastor" Campaign
We understand that the Archdiocese is again planning for an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council now that Archbishop Hebda has been appointed. We haven't heard officially about it, and we are concerned that our ideas will not be considered.  We want:
  • lay members elected from deaneries
  • open agenda items
  • meetings open to the public.  
If there is no opportunity for representative people to speak up in honest and open ways, what good is an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council as an advisory body?  

Your pastor is in a position to get our ideas to the decision-makers.  Please bring the topic of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council up with him and ask him to call the dean of his deanery with your ideas.  There are 15 deaneries with about 12 parishes in each.  A pastor of one of the parishes is the dean and meets with the Archbishop in a Presbyteral Council of all the deans.  Maybe your pastor is the dean in your deanery!  We can let the deans know we are paying attention.  

Bulletin Board
No messages from you this month.  All quiet on the parish front?

In joyful hope and gratitude for Spring, 
the CCCR Board and Council of the Baptized