Election Results 


As you probably know, I came in a close second out of four candidates in my quest to serve as a Trustee of Overton Power District. The margin was 47 votes out of 6,241, or 0.7 percent. Elaine and I always estimated my chances as a 50/50 possibility since this was the at-large seat where I would have little support in the more rural areas of the district. It turns out we were right.


We succeeded in our secondary goal which was learn as much as possible about running for office in Mesquite. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many new people and we ran a clean campaign that did not compromise our integrity.


It is disappointing because I would have represented the community fairly without any conflicts of interest. I stepped up because I've attended many Overton Power District meetings and it was obvious to me (and others) that someone with my electrical engineering background would have been an asset. But a majority of the voters preferred the status quo.

Moving On  

I plan to continue this newsletter, but with less frequent editions. I will write on solar electric systems and other energy issues. There are many exciting developments in the renewable energy field, and as an Electrical Engineer who understands technology, I intend to stay on top of it.


I am an official Solar System Ambassador for NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There are only four in the entire state of Nevada, so I will continue my public service in educating others about the U.S. Space Program. I worked in the Deep Space Network supporting every planetary mission during the 40 years I worked at JPL, so I have a unique and knowledgeable perspective. Of course, my goal is to speak to students and encourage them in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines (STEM). 

The World's Biggest Battery Being Built 

One of the most interesting aspects of solar energy is the push in energy storage. This is critical because a totally solar energy system cannot work unless energy can be stored when the sun doesn't shine.  


I read an interesting article entitled "The World's Biggest Battery is Being Built for Southern California's Grid."  This is part of a massive energy storage procurement by Southern California Edison (SCE). The biggest battery is only one part of this procurement. The battery being built by AES Corporation is rated at 100 Megawatts (MW) with four hours storage for a total energy storage of 400 Megawatt Hours (MW-h). Unfortunately, the article is not careful in distinguishing between MW and MW-h because MW is a power measurement and MW-h is an energy measurement. The entire procurement is for 250 MW. In addition to the largest battery, there are batteries by other companies, and a thermal storage system.


This huge procurement dwarfs the current largest capacity storage system in North America, which is an 8 MW, 32 MW-h demonstration system in the Tehachapi Mountains, also owned by SCE.  


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