The Lock-in is upon us for this Friday! See below for the sign-up, information about REACH, and more!
Lock-in February 23!

We will have a lock-in on February 23 with games, movie (on location), possibly fire and s'mores, some sleep and more!

Confirmation Kick-Off
The Confirmation Kick-off meeting will be tonight, February 21, at 5:15, in the Adult Education Room. If you are in 7th grade or above and are interested, want to find out more, or definitely want to sign-up, please come. We will talk about the new schedule, the preparation process, and more. If you know of a 7th grader or above who may be interested, please pass this information along.

Talking about Tragedy
The most recent school shooting in Florida is uncomfortably familiar. And yet, it is difficult to talk about such tragedies. As we pray for these most recent victims, families, and friends, we also commend two resources recommended by the Center for Ministry in Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary to help engage in conversation.

You will find these links to the right help to talk to children, youth, and adults, as we develop the vocabulary and understanding of how to begin such conversations.

REACH Talent Show and Auction
Yes, you are talented. If you are going to REACH, please sign-up for your talent.

The REACH Talent Show and Silent will be on March 10. Silent Auction is between 7 to 8 p.m. and talent show between 8 and 9:30 p.m. We encourage you to attend the 6 pm service that occurs directly beforehand. All are welcome to attend.