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No Insurgence, Just Logic
So, Mike went to Tallahassee three times in the past four weeks with different groups—all housing related. Why? Not only to stay abreast of legislation percolating but to speak with our area representatives about the issues property owners are impacted by.

Here’s a (very) simplified overview of key issues in flux:

·        Fees in lieu of security deposits
·        No permitting required for tree removal
·        Mandated capital reserve studies for condo associations
·        Notice of 24 (previously 12) hours’ notice to residents to access property (we have always given at least 24 hours)

Of approximately 3600 bills filed, perhaps around 35 may get through this session and end up on the Governor’s desk.

One of the “bad” bills these groups successfully lobbied against would have linked criminal charges and/or fines to owners deemed not keeping up with maintenance. (Maintenance upkeep IS important and as you all know we’re big on that)

Mike devotes this time not just because he is the national Governmental Affairs chair for NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) but because these issues impact our owners right here in Florida and our NE FL counties!

This kind of advocacy and activism has become necessary to protect your interests and rights as property owners, investment and otherwise!

If you are curious about the details of any of these issues, email marketing and we’ll send you the 411…

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