August 26, 2020


TALLULAH LEADS to American Institute of Architects

While walking through Pepper Place in Birmingham on a Saturday morning this month, I saw the 2020 Design Exhibition Awards sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. When I saw these 56 placards all over Pepper Place, I knew that we had to have that in my hometown of Downtown Jasper! Paul Kennedy placed Mike in touch with Rhea Williams, and we made it happen.

Rhea, wearing a Lavish top that she bought on the day of installation, and Yours Truly enjoying her office in Downtown Birmingham

Starting at Lavish Boutique and Coffee Bar and ending at Robertson & Allen, these renderings showcase new architecture from all over Alabama and some beyond. This walking tour is safe, socially-distanced, and informative. You go at your own pace while voting on some of your favorite designs using your smart phone with the posted QR codes. And of, course, you'll want to stop for eating and shopping while in Downtown Jasper where masks and safety are just part of our normal knew I'd get that in there!

Downtown Jasper and Tallulah invading Downtown Birmingham

Last Thursday morning, Rhea, Mike and I started the installation and finished after lunch at Los Reyes Grill. Make sure you get out there and take the tour; Downtown Jasper is only its 2nd stop and will move to the next city after Labor Day. Here's the entire walking tour:
The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization for architects in the United States. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the AIA offers education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach to support the architecture profession and improve its public image. The AIA also works with other members of the design and construction team to help coordinate the building industry. They work hand-in-paw with downtown revitalization organizations.

Here I am surveying one of their
interactive maps

Get those walking shoes on, take your favorite humans, and, of course, your favorite canine into Downtown Jasper!
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Published in the Daily Mountain Eagle 8/26/2020

Everyone can read about Jasper Main Street's accomplishments and future goals in the 2020 Case for Support entitled Continuing to Flourish: Vision 2020. Let me know if you want to stop by and pick one up, or I'll trot one to you or to the post office.

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