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April 14, 2023
Sparkles Everywhere!

The valley is literally sparkling with clean water, spring flowers and blue skies!

Earth Day is just around the corner, come celebrate our beautiful community and give Eastwood Park a spring clean! Sign up for the NRG Orientation on the 27th and mark your calendars for Debris and Shred day on May 6th.
Enjoy the beautiful weekend!
Earth Day at Eastwood Park
April 22nd

Join us for a beautiful day at the park with friends and neighbors! We will have a list of jobs to help freshen up Eastwood Park.

Coffee, bagels, donuts and snacks will get us going then a picnic lunch will be served when we are all done with the work day!

Reach out to Camille, our Events Coordinator, at events@tamcsd.org with questions or to sign up to help! 
TCSD Board Meeting Summary

At its April 12th meeting, the Board took the following actions:
  • Appointed all five members to the newly formed Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC).
  • Conducted a community informational meeting on proposed rate increases of solid waste service charges for the next five years. We are proposing a 2% increase per year in rates. We believe that many, if not all, of the other Marin communities will experience much higher increases and, as a result, their rates will be very similar to TCSD rates at the end of the five-year period (FY27-28).
  • Received a presentation from Southern Marin Fire Protection District (SMFD) regarding potential locations for a long-range acoustic device (LRAD siren) in Eastwood Park.
  • Discussed the TCSD Communications and Events Plan for 2023.
  • Approved an updated solid waste and wastewater billing adjustment policy.
  • Authorized the General Manager to proceed with the installation of a new security system and fire/smoke alarm system for TCSD facilities.

TCSD Mailbox

Just a friendly reminder that the only thing that belongs in the mailbox outside of the TCSD office is mail! Sometimes we find surprises inside like medication and batteries. Not so fun...so please remember that we have a battery collection bucket outside the office all day.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm.
Call 415-388-6393 and make an appointment to drop off e-waste and medication.

Thank you!
Senior Bingo!

Our Bingo Bunch had a lovely spring pot luck last Wednesday. This group is growing every week! Join us in the Community Center every Wednesday from 11am-1pm for good times and great food!
Neighborhood Response Group Orientation
Tamalpais Valley Community Center
April 27th, 5pm to 6pm

The next Southern Marin Neighborhood Response Group orientation will be held in-person!

All are welcome! RSVP is required, so we can prepare the space for everyone. This is our first in-person orientation since COVID, and we are so excited to see our neighbors!
Spring Debris Day - SAVE THE DATE!
May 6th
Enter through 203 Marin Ave.

TCSD invites Tam Valley Residents to bring household junk, garbage and documents for shredding to the district yard for disposal. 
Please do not bring any hazardous items like paint or solvents, vehicle or construction debris. Please call or email us if you have questions regarding what you can drop off at Debris Day.
This event is for TCSD customers only, please bring proof of residency. 
Questions? Call 415-388-6393 or email info@tamcsd.org
Rhubarb Revue
May 12, 13, 19 & 20

Join us for Northern California's longest running variety show, featuring singers, dancers, parodies of film and television, political and cultural humor, and lots of mild (and not-so-mild) irreverence.

We are looking for volunteers to help make this a successful event.
If you can help, please reach out to Olivia Jacobs at President@tamvalley.org or call 510-590-1099. 
Fire Safe Marin Update

Protecting your home from wildfire is an ongoing process. As you do your spring cleaning, think about how your landscaping impacts your home. The most important thing you can do to protect your home is to clear combustible materials from the first 5 ft around your house. Then, if a wildfire blows burning embers your way, there is nothing next to your home to ignite. This is called Zone 0 and can be part of a beautiful, fire safe yard. Adapting to wildfire means being prepared.

Learn more at firesafemarin.org
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