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Not only are the new Tamarancho passes available with a discount, but there is quite a bit going on in the mountain biking community. Be sure to buy your pass by 1/15 so you can take advantage of the discounted price.  
Read through this newsletter to find out how you can be involved and have fun.
Tamarancho 2020-2021 Passes
Now Available.
Save $5 off ANNUAL or GOLD passes
if purchased by January 15, 2020.
If you have a 2019 Annual Pass or 2018-19 GOLD Pass, they will expire on December 31, 2019. (Please recycle/reuse as a luggage tag.)
The new 2020 ANNUAL Pass is valid for unlimited riding until December 31, 2020. The regular cost is $45 for the Individual Pass and $60 for a Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household and up to 2 youth).
The 2020-21 GOLD Pass is valid until December 31, 2021. The regular cost for a GOLD Pass is $85 for the Individual Pass and $115 for the Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household and up to 2 youth).

To purchase a pass online with a credit card, visit the   Tamarancho Biking page or you can purchase annual passes (credit card only) at Sunshine Bikes.
If you don't want to purchase online or if you want to pay by check or cash, print out an application: Tamarancho Application.

Notes about the 2020 / 2021 passes:
  • A plastic pass will be sent to you via snail mail. Print receipt, and you can start riding at the camp that day.
  • Day Passes cost $5, and are available online (print out the pass on your own printer). For a day pass,  click this link. Then scroll down to the link One-Day Pass. Buy it there, print out the receipt, and carry it with you when you ride for verification.
  • Day Passes are available at the following bike stores: Split Rock, Sunshine Bikes, and the Bicycle Museum (Fairfax), Caesar's Cyclery (San Anselmo), and Acme Bikes (San Rafael), Sports Basement (Novato).
The amount donated for a pass is tax deductible.
If you have questions, email Danny Forer .
Last Two Trailwork Days at Tamarancho   
The loop trails at Tamarancho were constructed over a 6 year period, from 1995 to 2001, by hundreds of local volunteer cyclists. The work was supervised by Jim Jacobsen, who was president of Bicycle Trails Council, which paid for materials.
However, once the trails were completed, each year we have trail work days to maintain and improve the trails. This involves clearing drainage, cutting back foliage, removing invasive plants, and more. No experience necessary. This is your chance to give back to the best bike trail system in Marin. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
For Winter 2020 there will be trail work on weekends. On Saturdays, the work will be on the trails that make up the loop, and on Sundays, the work will be exclusively on the Flow Trail.
Trail work on Saturdays on the Loop:
Saturdays  January 18, 25
Time: Meet at 10 a.m. at the main parking lot in the camp at the top of Iron Springs. Drive or ride your bike to the start.
Trail work on Sundays on the Flow Trail:
Dates: Sundays January 12, 19
Time: Meet at 10 a.m. at skills/log ride area, (B-17 Extension Trail). Drive to center of camp and ride your bike or ride up White Hill, Porcupine Trail.

Bring: Work clothing, gloves, and sturdy shoes. We supply tools and snacks.

Steady rain cancels.

For more information about trail work, email Jim Jacobsen or call 415 342-7432.
Tamarancho Pass Patrol
All riders at Tamarancho must have a current day pass or an annual pass. Some riders have day passes from a bike store, some have plastic annual passes attached to their bikes, and others have receipt for a pass on their phone.
Compliance has been good, but still there are a number of riders who are "poaching" the private property owned by the Marin Boy Scouts.
Expect to see volunteer Tamarancho Pass Patrol members in orange vests checking passes on the trails. These volunteers will also be available to give directions, answer questions, and handout information about the pass program.
Support bike-legal singletrack in Marin. Make sure you and your friends you are riding with all have a pass.
Marin County Bicycle Coalition News
MCBC has announced it's top 10 accomplishments for 2019 and several will benefit off road riders.  These include:  
  1. MCBC requested expanded trail access in
    Pt. Reyes.
  2. Azalea Hill (MMWD) trail is moving forward.
  3. Change in use for Easy Grade Trail, Mt. Tam State Park
In addition the MCBC Trail Stewards Initiative has increased their capacity to build and maintain sustainable trails with a well-trained volunteer force. This year the crew worked on Eagle Rim Trail (Mt. Burdell), Bill's Trail (Samuel P. Taylor), and Ponti Trail (Terra Linda), racking up a total of 1114 volunteer hours, training 261 volunteers in trail maintenance and construction, and resulting in savings upwards of $28k from volunteer service. 
For more information about MCBC off road programs, click this link.  
Tamarancho No-Dab Challenge Results 
In the September Tamarancho Trails News, we posted the following notice:

" We are sponsoring a fun competition to acknowledge those riders who can complete a loop of Tamarancho without a dab (touching a foot). This will be a self-judged competition for 3 months, from Sept 15 to Dec 15, 2019. All riders who complete the loop without a dab, can enter to win a 2020 Tamarancho Annual Pass, and in addition, we will publish a list of those riders who have accomplished this task."
The results are now in, and the following 14 riders reported that they cleared all trails without a dab. The one rider chosen at random to win the Tamarancho Gold Pass was Pete Brockman from Kentfield. Congrats to all the riders who participated. We will have this competition again in Summer 2020.  
Congratulations to:
Bill Engelhard, San Anselmo
Pete Brockman, Kentfield (eight times)
Peter Lunny, San Francisco
Tim Hachman, San Rafael
Jun Sunseri, Berkeley (twice)
Duck O'Loughlin, San Anselmo (twice)
Dan Goldthorpe, Fairfax
Michael Lloyd, Ross
Peter Behr, Fairfax 
Chris Stanley, Mill Valley
Ian Rankin, Laguitas
Justin Sobieraj, Fairfax
Pascal Ezaki, Sonoma
James Karr, San Anselmo
Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay
(BTCEB) News
BTCEB is currently having a membership drive and they have posted this note:
"While membership on our Meetup site continues to grow to over 3,800 followers, membership in the BTCEB, has been lagging.
To grow, to survive, and to represent the mountain biking community, we need your support. Your membership dues support our Gala rides (women only), pays for our insurance, helps to support NorCal High School Mountain Biking, and supports trail work at China Camp, Rockville, Fernandez, and Crockett. We are also hard at work developing the JMP Pump Track.  
Membership levels start at $30, with a $15 student/hardship level."
To join or renew your membership and to get more information about the various group rides and other activities they are involved with, click this link.
Access for Bikes 
Access4Bikes and Access4Bikes Foundation share a common mission: to motivate and empower Marin mountain bikers to act in their own self-interest, to get fair and reasonable access to our public trails and to preserve the experience of trail riding for future generations.
A4B does not ask for any membership dues, but we do rely on your support to make this work possible. Please consider making your year-end donation to A4B or the A4B Foundation, by clicking this link.
In the current email blast from A4B there are articles about Tamarancho trail work, update on the current status of Easy Grade trail, and the newly formed advocacy group CAMTB (California Mountain Biking Coalition) and much more.
For more information about all the activities that A4B is involved with, click this link.

For information or comments about the Tamarancho bike program,
please email Danny Forer .